3 Main Maintenance Tips for Fridges in the San Diego County

Your fridge an important appliance to have in your home, and if it breaks down you will lose a lot of money not only in repairs, but in groceries if the food inside rots. No one wants to run into this problem, especially over the holidays, but luckily there are ways to avoid fridge malfunctions. Keep reading for 3 maintenance tips for fridges.

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Make Sure Fridge is Level

Your fridge needs to be level in order for it to run efficiently. When it is crooked, the internal parts shift and aren’t able to operate properly. You could also get a leak if the appliance is tilted on an angle for too long. The process of leveling a fridge can easily be done, but if you have never done it before, it may be better to hire a licensed technician to do it for you to avoid injury.

Coils Should Be Clean

The coils in your fridge help release heat from your fridge in order to keep it cold. If the coils get dirty, they can’t efficiently release heat, which will make your fridge’s compressor work harder and use more energy to keep the interior cold. Cleaning the coils is fairly simple; you just need to pull the fridge out and wipe them down. Some fridges have the coils underneath it as opposed to in the back. Always make sure that you cut all power to the fridge before cleaning the coils to avoid injury.

Listen for Dripping Noises

If you notice dripping this is a warning sign that there is a leak inside the fridge. If this happens you should try pulling out the drip pan to see if there is any debris or clogs in the area causing the problem. If you find excessive dripping it could mean water is blocked in one of the tubes, for which you will need to call a technician for a repair.

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