3 Reasons Your Kenmore Fridge Might be Leaking

Getting a midnight snack from the fridge and end up with soaking socks? Find out 3 reasons why your fridge could be leaking, and what to do about it!

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3 Reasons Your Fridge May Be Leaking

Water Dispenser

If your Kenmore fridge comes equipped with a water dispenser or an ice maker, this is a good place to start. The associated tubing to the water filter, water fill valve, ice maker inlet, and dispenser should be inspected first to ensure they are all water tight.

The tubing should be checked for signs of wear, brittleness, and heat damage. The ice maker or water dispenser might need to be activated as leaks may only occur when water is flowing through the tubing and components. If any of the tubing or connections are damaged, they need to be replaced.

Drain Pans

Puddles of water appearing underneath the fridge could be related to the drain pans overflowing or leaking. Drain pans can develop holes or become displaced, which can drip water onto the floor. The drain pan is located behind the front grill, near the bottom of the fridge. The drain pan can be accessed by pulling the front grill out.

The pan can be removed and should be inspected for any cracks or holes that are causing the water to leak out. Additionally, the drain pan should be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent the buildup of dust and mold. It’s important to place the pan back securely so it is level and does not continue to leak.

Air Leaks

If you are finding that the drain pan is overflowing, an air leak in the fridge should be suspected as this allows an excess amount of defrosted water. An abnormal amount of moist air can enter the fridge if the door doesn’t close properly due to a faulty door seal. The moisture that gets into the fridge may condense in the fridge surface and leak out through the door. In other cases, frost will build up due excess moisture collecting on the evaporator. This can impede airflow in the fridge causing temperature fluctuations and can cause abnormal amounts of water in the drain system that overflows the drain pan.

The door seal should be frequently cleaned and damaged seals should be replaced. A way to test the seal is to place a dollar bill between the seal and the door. You should feel tension as you pull on the bill and this process should be repeated along the fridge.

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