4 Places To Check If Oven Door Refuses To Close

The cook sets the oven’s temperature, so that it corresponds with the temperature suggested in a given recipe, or in the instructions on a box. Of course, that temperature will not remain stable, if the oven’s door stay’s partly ajar. That is why a cook or baker needs to know how to deal with a stubborn oven door, one that refuses to close.

Check to see if the door has a sticky latch

The door’s lock may be sticky. That problem is easy to solve; just apply a small amount of oil. Sometimes dirt can get into the hole that connects the latch with the lock. Take a good look at that hole and remove any dirt that you find there. The heat from the oven can affect the door’s locking mechanism. It can alter the lock’s shape, so that the altered lock no longer suits the holes in that same locking mechanism.

Examine the door’s opening

That opening has a definite size and shape. Ideally, the hinged piece that attaches to it (the door) will have the same size and shape. Unfortunately, the heat from the oven can change the door’s shape, so that it no longer fits correctly in the opening that it needs to close tightly.

Study the alignment of specific holes

Those are the holes in the locking mechanism. Each of them must align with the latch and the lock. Fortunately, the absence of such alignment can be corrected by someone with a screwdriver. By tightening the screws on the door, the person that has volunteered to operate the available screwdriver can re-align the mechanical parts that allow the oven’s door to stay closed.

Take a good look at the hinges

Maybe you wonder how a problem with the hinges could keep the oven’s door from closing. Look back at the paragraph about the opening that needs to be closed. Note the significance of a match between the opening’s shape and the shape of the object that will fit over it (the door). The condition of the hinges plays a role in ensuring the maintenance of such a match.

If even one hinge gets especially dirty or rusty, it could lose its ability to be a suitable means for holding the door in place. When that happens, certain mechanical parts cease to function. Those are the parts that are used on all oven doors, so that each of them will close properly. If a hinge is dirty, it can be cleaned with soap and water. If it has become rusty, it will have to be replaced. This can be done by the local appliance repair service in San Diego County.

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