5 Fridge Tips: Save on Utilities and Appliance Service in San Diego

Homeowners always looking for ways to save money. With that in mind, the repair technicians at our appliance service in San Diego have assembled 5 tips that will lower your energy costs, and improve the lifespan of your refrigerator, too!

Vacuum behind the fridge to improve appliance efficiency. Very few people make a habit of pulling their fridge out from the wall to clean during their weekly chores. Moving this heavy kitchen appliance is a difficult job that has the potential to be dangerous when done incorrectly, which is why things always seem to disappear when they roll under the fridge.

That said, cleaning behind and beneath your fridge can do a lot for the lifespan of this fundamental kitchen appliance. Aside from the crumbs, sticky stains, and loose change that accumulates under and behind your fridge, a great deal of dirt and dust can build up and collect on the condenser coils. Once these coils are wiped clean, the heat from your refrigerator will be carried away effortlessly, reducing the overall length of energy-intensive cooling cycles.

  • Double-check your door seal. The gaskets on your fridge can wear out long before the rest of the appliance. The broken seal will keep your appliance running overtime as it essentially tries to cool your entire kitchen.

    Use a thin piece of paper or 5-dollar bill to verify the seal on the gaskets. Simply hold it next to the closed door, and watch closely for any fluttering. If the bill flutters, your gaskets have got to go. Fortunately, they’re easy to replace. Gaskets are cheap, and are easily screwed into place on your fridge door frame.

  • Cover up your food items. Unless you only store shredded wheat and beef jerky in your fridge, you’ll find that most of your food items contain a good deal of moisture. If left uncovered, foods can bleed this moisture out into the air. This makes your compressor work twice as hard to try and remove it. To keep you compressor working only when needed, and to prevent your foods from smelling like a gross amalgam of your entire fridge’s contents, cover food items up!
  • Let your food hit room temperature before you refrigerate it. There is a big “food prep” subculture alive in the fitness realm today that is all above stove-to-tupperware storage, but this can really take a toll on your fridge over time. Keep on food prepping, but give your meals a chance to cool down before you toss them into the fridge. This will not only stop your fridge from working double-time to cool freshly-hot food items, but it will reduce the amount of steam and moisture that is generated, saving the compressor any extra trouble.
  • Fill empty fridge space with water. Your fridge actually works better when it’s filled with chilled items. Cold things are kept cold by other cold things, so they can cool other things without the fridge having to work quite so hard – make sense? If you don’t want to jam your fridge full of groceries, try filling empty space with cups, cans, or jugs of water. Your fridge won’t have to work so hard, and you’ll always have a cool drink within reach.

Follow these simple appliance maintenance tips to see savings straight away on your utility bill, and start investing in the long term health of your fridge. If you feel your problem runs deeper than what some simple maintenance tips can solve, you’ll need to contact our fridge repair and appliance service experts.

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