6 Simple Fixes For A Damaged Washing Machine

Do you have a problem with your washing machine? Washing machines are among the most common household appliances out there. And they are used so often. Some people use it every week while there are those who use it more than two times in a week. So often used, the washing machine is also one of those appliances that get damaged easily. So here are some possible fixes for your damaged washing machine:

It is making strange noises

Is your washing machine noisier than usual? There is definitely something wrong with it. The first thing that you would have to do is to check the machine if it has small items that have fallen out of your garments. Some examples of things that you would look for include pens, coins, pencils, paper clips, and other small items. Also, you might want to consider inspecting your washing machine drum bearings and make sure that water has not found its way into it. You can check the drum bearings by unscrewing the back of your washing machine.

It is not spinning properly

Is your washer not spinning properly? Well, if it is not spinning properly then it might not be making your clothes as clean as expected. And there is also that big chance of it making very loud noises as it is spinning. One thing you can do is to make sure that your washing machine is standing on flat, balanced ground. This is just a simple and easy fix in case your washing machine is just installed on unlevelled ground. But if that does not solve the problem, it would be practical for you to consult a washing machine repairman. Repairmen are usually needed to solve problems related to electrical spikes or even problems with the machine computer module.

It is not draining water

Another common problem among washing machines is not being able to drain water. You would have to drain the dirty water out of your washing machine unless you want it to have mould. Mould is stinky and it can even get into your clothes and cause very nasty stains. Well, there are numerous reasons for a dysfunctional drain. First, check if there is something stuck in the washing machine that prevents draining. You should also make sure that the filter is clear and clean. If these are not possible fixes then something is probably wrong with the drain pump. This would require professional service.

It is leaky

Picture this. It is laundry day and you let your clothes go in a series of cycles. Once you come back to the laundry room, you find a very large pool of water on the floor. After doing some inspections, you find that it is coming directly from the washer. You have a leaky washer and you should start looking for the source of leak. Make sure the hoses and the plugs are properly connected. If that does not solve the problem then there are probably leaky internal parts in your machine that have to be replaced. Seal damage and ‘oversudsing’ are also possible causes of a leaky washing machine.

It is not finishing its cycle

Nothing can ruin your day than a washing machine that stops during mid cycle. Again, you might want to consider a scenario wherein you expect to come back to the laundry room with your clothes being able to complete the wash cycle. But you eventually find out that your machine stops mid cycle and that your clothes are not properly washed. Do not blame the timer. The problem is usually the heater – it would have to be inspected and replaced if damaged. If it is not the heater then the problem usually lies with the machine’s filling and emptying systems.

It has stopped working

Of course, you know that there is something wrong with your washer if it has stopped working. Now, there are definitely so many possible causes for this. One of the quick fixes for you to consider would be to make sure that your washer is properly plugged. So many people worry about their washing machines being damaged only to realize that their machines are not properly plugged. If that does not solve it then the problem usually lied with the machine’s electrical system. You would not want to mess with the electrical system of your washer because of the risk of electric shock.

One article would not be enough to give a thorough description on how to solve washer problems on your own. This is because there are so many possible causes that lead to the top washer problems as mentioned above. It would be most practical for you to consider hiring an expert repair man instead. For excellent washer inspection and repair services, you can contact San Diego Appliance Repair.

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