Siemens brand washing machines are a model of German quality: they have a wide choice of programs, pleasant design, and user-friendly control system and, in most cases, they work properly for many years. But, unfortunately, even such reliable appliances sometimes break down. According to the experience of  GARANT Service in San Diego in Siemens machines, most often, the following units break down.

Breakage of the heating element

Impurities from tap water, undissolved particles of detergents, small debris, and lint from things settle on the heating element and form a scaling layer. As the heating element becomes encrusted, its heat output decreases. In an effort to compensate for the poor heating by working harder, the heater is working “to the point of wear and tear”. As a result, the heating coil of the heating element burns out or its body burns through.

Failure of the drain pump

The second most frequent breakdown of Siemens is the failure of the drain pump. As a rule, it breaks down because debris and foreign objects (clothing accessories, threads, coins, hairpins, etc.) get into it. Once in the impeller, debris blocks the blades. Trying to spin the impeller, the pump motor is working hard. As a result, either the vanes break or the pump motor burns out.

Abrasion of motor brushes

The graphite brushes provide the voltage transfer from the stator to the rotor in the motor. Over time, they wear out and motor power decreases. When the brushes completely lose contact with the collector, the motor stops turning the drum.

Door handle breakage

The handle helps to open and close the washing machine hatch. Most often it breaks because of the use of excessive physical force.

Failure of the control board

The control board is a microcircuit, in which the algorithm of the washing machine’s operation is laid. Like any electronic, it can malfunction due to power surges or moisture. As a result, individual radio elements on the board burn out or oxidize the tracks and contacts of the elements. Sometimes the firmware gets messed up.

Damage to the door seal

The rubber seal on the door of the Siemens machine is often damaged by objects left in pockets and clothing fittings (zippers, brassiere bones, buttons, etc.). Sometimes the cuff becomes unusable due to old age or black mold growth.

Worn bearings

A pair of bearings ensure the smooth rotation of the drum. Unfortunately, often because of vibration loads or regular overloading of the washing machine with laundry, the packing loses its tightness, water enters the bearings, and they begin to rust and deteriorate.

Failure of the UBL

The hatch locking device is responsible for locking the washing machine door. When it fails, the washing machine won’t lock the door, and the washing won’t start. In UBL is destroyed thermostable or bimetallic plate loses its flexibility, which during normal operation bends when heated by the tablet, and the machine locks the hatch.

Siemens machines are highly repairable. With almost any breakdown, it can be repaired. The main thing is to contact the professionals. To call a repair technician, call or book your service.

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