Why the refrigerator blows the fuse

The most widespread breakdowns of refrigerators are when the machine blows out

Below are the most common breakdowns of refrigerators, as a result of the appearance of which can knock out the plugs in the apartment.

A motor winding fault has occurred, or the winding (starting or working) is shorted to the housing.
Signs: Automatic circuit breaker blows out at once after switching on the fridge.
How to eliminate: Replacement of compressor is required.

Starting protection relay
Designed to start the motor and protect it from overloads.
Signs: The compressor in the apartment blows a fuse when it starts. A “click” is heard before lights out.
How to eliminate: It is necessary to replace the starting protection relay.

Heater (heating element).
Because of humid operating conditions, the heating element gets rotten, moisture gets on the coil, a short circuit occurs, and the circuit breaker blows out.
Signs: When a refrigerator with a No Frost system goes into defrost mode – the apartment blows a fuse. After switching on the dispense er, the fridge works normally until the next switching on defrost, at this moment – fuses are knocked out again.
How to eliminate: The heating element should be replaced.

Buttons on the control panel
Button contacts are oxidized or burned out.

Signs: The automatic burnout in the apartment kicks out. It is possible that some buttons on the control panel are stuck or melted and smell burnt.
How to fix it: It is necessary to solder the contacts of the button or replace it. Severe damage requires the replacement of the entire button panel.

Control board
Blew radio elements and contacts on the board, burned-out tracks. Often unstable voltage in the mains leads to this.
Signs: The fuses in the apartment blow out. Sometimes fridge smells like burnt plastic.
How to fix it: Repair or replacement of the control board is necessary, depending on the extent of the damage.

Damaged wiring or contacts
Due to moisture or wear and tear due to years of use.
Signs: The apartment is blowing a fuse. The light in the refrigerator compartment may have blinked before.
How to fix it: You need to clean and solder the contacts, insulate the bare wires or change the wiring harness completely.

If you have problems with wiring – do not hesitate to call an electrician at home!

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