A Proven Strategy For Fixing A Clogged Garbage Disposal

Even the best meal will have a sorry ending if the remains of that same meal cannot be sent down the drain in your garbage disposal. At that point, you may feel like your wallet is about to be drained. No doubt, you hope to avoid experiencing that particular feeling.

Fortunately, it can be avoided, but you must become familiar with some home remedies. Each of them requires a minimum of effort, along with some simple tools. Read on, in order to see how you can use a home remedy and save a good bit of cash. Get started by assembling the needed equipment, along with a couple household products.

– White vinegar
– A flashlight
– Long-handled tongs or pliers
– A plunger
– Baking soda

Try the first of the remedies

Do not let an accident make the situation worse; turn off the breaker that controls the disposal. Next use a flashlight to peer into the clogged drain. If you see something, try to remove it with the tongs or pliers. You have now introduced the first remedy; turn the breaker on and see if the disposal works.

If necessary, move on to the second remedy

Do not forget about your safety concerns; repeat the breaker-turn-off procedure. Use the plunger to loosen any food in the drain pipe. Turn on the breaker and then the disposal. See if the loosened food particles go down the drain. If they do, then you will know that your trick solved the problem.

If disposal still not working, move on to another trick (remedy)

After you have made sure, again, that the breaker is off, pour ¼ cup of baking soda where the disposal opens into the sink. Next pour ½ cup of white vinegar in the same spot. Do not feel alarmed if you hear a fizzing sound; that is what you should expect to hear. Wait 5 to 10 minutes and then return the breaker to the “on” position. Before you check to see if your final trick worked, run hot water into the drain. At that point you are ready to test for the desired result (an unclogged drain).

Procedure to follow if none of the remedies removed the clog

If your troubleshooting did not solve the problem, you will have to call an appliance repair service in San Diego County. Fortunately, you can act now to prevent a replay of the failed attempt to fix a clogged drain. Plan to keep a couple lemons in your refrigerator. When you have those citric fruits handy, you should be able to put ½ of a lemon in the disposal every 2 to 3 weeks. Do not worry about collecting a surplus of lemons. You can use some of them when you plan to clean your microwave oven.

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