A Question Facing Many Homeowners – Buy Gas Or Electric Dryer?

Requirements for operation

Both gas and electric dryers have been designed to warm clothes as those same garments tumble in the drum. Those clothes-drying appliances that rely solely on electricity need a 240 volt current. Those that rely on gas-fueled burners need both a 120 volt current and a gas hookup.

The cost of the two different appliances

The gas dryers cost more than the electric ones. Customers must pay even more money, if they want to get one of the enhancements that are now made available to shoppers. Here are the enhancements that are requested most often: the presence of a moisture sensor, an extended tumble or an end-of-cycle signal.

Difficulties linked to each dryer’s installation

Those laundry facilities that are going to hold an electric dryer should be equipped with a 240 volt circuit. Those that will house a gas dryer should have a 120 volt current plus a gas hookup. In addition, such facilities need to be fitted with a venting system. Some of the electric models do not require venting.

Safety issues linked to each type

In confined spaces, gas dryers can encourage development of a carbon monoxide buildup. Electric dryers produce more heat, thus increasing the chances for a lint-fueled fire. The vent-free electrical dryers encourage growth within the home of undesirable organisms. Those appliances release moisture into the room. The presence of that moisture increases the likelihood that mold or mildew might begin to grow on the walls of that same room.

Energy costs for both types

The electrical appliances run for a longer time and use more energy. Those that rely on gas heat up faster and use less energy. The Energy Star model for both types displays a 20% higher level of energy efficiency. You may want to discuss the details of both the types of appliances with an appliance repair service in San Diego County.

A question that highlights how the two types are alike

Here is the question: Is any type better for the environment? The answer reveals the absence of any striking difference. The family using either of these two kinds of clothes drying machines can help the environment. That family can help the environment by linking the appliance to an eco-friendly energy source. For example, it could get electricity from a solar-powered plant. Alternatively, it could get its electrical power from a turbine that was powered by the wind.

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