Advertising and reality about washing machine

You can’t hide from advertising nowadays, it is everywhere. Therefore, everyone has seen many times advertising for washing machines, which exalts such a miracle of technology. Some present the capacity of the machines, others their compactness, others – noiselessness, etc. Naturally, many users wonder what kind of washing machine to buy.

Which washing machine to choose, and how to save money? Firstly, it is worth noting that the cost of the washing machine can often hang because of the popularity of the brand. In addition, the repair of washing machines from such world-famous brands will also cost you more. If you want to buy a washing machine from such a manufacturer, then, in this case, you can save only on its functions. You need to be well versed in machines so as not to throw money away on unnecessary functions.

Every year there are more and more new features, and washing machines are improving. This happens for the reason that each manufacturer wants to satisfy as many user requirements as possible. For example, after the release of washing machines with a load of 3 to 5 kg of laundry, there were washing machines with a load of 7 kg. Some models of such appliances have improved water level control, which can save not only water but also electricity and detergent. Unfortunately, such machines are not very cheap.

When choosing such a unit, remember one simple truth – the fewer various bells and whistles in the washing machine, the longer it will serve you. Complex equipment breaks down much more often, and most of the buttons and options in it are practically not used by users. As a rule, 2 or 3 modes are used when washing.

The operation of washing machines is very simple: you load dirty laundry into the drum, fill the powder, and set the required temperature and mode for washing. That’s all! The machine does the rest of the work in automatic mode. But, at the same time, the electronic control module of the washing machine “does not sleep”, in case of any user error, it will automatically correct the incorrectly set command (for example, if the user sets a very high temperature for washing woolen clothes).

Thus, modern models of washing machines are very smart mechanisms. But, do not chase the novelties of famous brands, as you can spend money on unnecessary functions for you.

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