All About Cleaning The Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Coils

If you have a freezer or a fridge and you’ve been using it for quite some time, you must definitely consider taking care of the condenser coils. This is a task that most of the people resent and, therefore, postpone. However, it is also something which is capable of causing quite a lot of issues and it is important that you take care of it as soon and as regularly as possible. This is a very important part of your fridge maintenance.

There are quite a lot of different perks when it comes to handling the cleaning of your condenser coils. With this in mind, some of the advantages include:

– Longer life of your motor
– Efficient operation
– Colder fridge
– Reducing the necessity of maintenance
– Reducing the spoilage of foods due to warmer temperatures

These are just some of them that you might want to take into account – there are a lot more. However, the most important thing that you need to take into consideration is that cleaning your condenser coils isn’t something challenging or hard to handle. As a matter of fact, it’s a five minute job and all you need is a wet mop and a vacuum cleaner, depending on the condition of your condenser coils.

What happens if you fail to clean the coils?

This is probably the thing that the majority of homeowners need to look at and read in order to understand the actual issues which may follow when it comes to it. Dirt is actually the most common cause for the majority of the breakdowns which take place when it comes to your fridge. Right off the bat, the coils, when dirty, are going to make your fridge a lot harder in order to ensure that the food is kept colder. This is going to lead to a serious drop in the efficiency and it will increase your utility bills. This is detrimental to your finances.

Additionally, the internal temperature of the fridge is going to start rising, causing your food to spoil a lot quicker. This is something that needs to be taken into very serious consideration. This is going to cause the entire machine to start working very hard and it could translate to a failing motor. This is a costly repair and you might even be required to change your entire unit – all things that you generally want to avoid.

All in all, these are things that you can easily circumvent by taking care of your condenser coils. You can spend 5 minutes every two months – this is going to ensure that everything is handled properly while taking an inconsiderable fraction of your time. Keep this in mind if you want a properly working fridge. Additionally, you can call in the appliance repair professionals in San Diego County to help you get the appliance working again.

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