All You Need to Know About a Wine Cooler

For red wine, always chill in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before serving

For white wine, always take it out of the fridge 10-15 minutes before serving

Which is your like? White? Red? Read above again *wink wink*

If you are a wine fanatic, consider this. Temperature can really change the taste and flavour of your wine. Too much heat or too cold wine temperature can destroy the taste buds you were craving for. What if you received a special gift from your loved one or purchased a sexy bottle of wine from France which you treasured but when wanting to drink is not the way it was expected to be?

We are sure if you are in mood to party or relax by drinking your favourite wine, you wouldn’t really wait too long to manage the temperatures in and out of the refrigerator. Right? And hence the concept of wine coolers is in. You are the boss! You can control the temperature of the wine as per your likes and preferences.

Like a refrigerator comes in different sizes as per the customer demand, even a wine cooler comes in various sizes, at different prices with several features considering the energy efficiency, capacity and other offerings. San Diego Appliances Repair Company believes that service factors of any electrical appliance is equally important.

You can choose to purchase a standard wine cooler or dual temperature zone cooler or a countertop fridge which usually holds a case of wine.

Main factors to be considered when storing wine:

A bottle of wine can age faster depending upon its surroundings. These factors play an important role in how a wine tastes and how it smells.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Vibrations

Things to consider when purchasing a wine fridge:

There are a few factors you may want to consider while making the wine cooler purchase decision for your home.

  • Size and space

Make sure to consider the number of bottles you currently have and if you are planning to increase the stock of wines. Know the space that your have at home and the space that the cooler is going to take in your living area or kitchen.

  • Level of noise

In smaller homes, this can be a second thought idea. Depending upon the size of your house and the placement, you may want to consider the low-noise variants available and not go in for the noisy wine fridges.

  • Temperature

The market also has dual zone fridges available. The dual zone fridges allow you to maintain different temperatures as per your preferences making it the easiest way for you to pick your favourite as per your mood.

  • Appeal

The variants in the market offers wooden style fancy racks or stainless-steel racks. You have options to choose from if you are a person who consider aesthetics and have certain likings.

How to clean a Wine cooler?

Usually wine coolers are not a tough job to maintain but care is important for any kind of furniture or appliance at home, be it cabinets or wine fridges.

Step 1 – Unplug the wine fridge to keep it disconnected

Step 2 – Remove all shelves from the racks to get a clear view and clean properly. If you are investing your time in cleaning that favourite appliance of yours, make sure it’s all worth it.

Step 3 – Wipe off all surfaces with a solution of equal proportions of water and vinegar. Mix the solution and store in a spray bottle. You may then spray it all over the wine cooler and make sure to clean all corners well. Try to avoid bleach or any harmful chemicals while cleaning as these may leave unpleasant odours and chemicals within the fridge.

Step 4 – Keep the wine cooler and racks open for some time to get rid of any odours than may be present.

Step 5 – Once the wine cooler is completely dry, put back all shelves and now you may store all those pretty bottles back inside the wine cooler.

Make sure to clean that pretty appliance of yours once a while and keep it sparkling like the first time you bought it with all your money and time.

A wine cooler’s presence in a home may not be essential in every household but if you are a person who loves wine in any form, investing in a wine cooler will defiantly be worth it. If your wine cooler is facing any issues or is not working properly, contact us today and we shall get it repaired for you are the earliest.

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