Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Washer And Dryer Combos

If you are planning to buy a combo, with the available choice, you must be confused. That is why we have put together a list of relevant questions to help you get the best advice.

Question #1: Is a combo unit the right choice for me?

Answer: In order to know the answer to that question, you must take a look at the combo’s load capacity, drying time and application. It is not the ideal appliance for a large family. Its condensation drying time is longer than the standard drying time. A combo represents a wise choice if you live in an apartment or some other spot where you cannot vent a dryer or gain access to 220 volts of power.

Question #2: How long are the cycles in combos?

Answer: The length of the wash cycle ranges from 1 hour and 10 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. The length of the drying cycle ranges from 1 and one-half hours up to 3 hours. The user can increase the cycle time setting on the washer for an extra-dirty load. The user can increase the time setting on the dryer for a load that contains lots of heavy materials, such as one with lots of towels.

Question #3: I have heard this unit does not require an air vent. Is that true?

Answer: That is right; it does not have an air vent. It uses a process called condensation drying. Consequently, there is no hot air that has to be vented out of the combo’s dryer.

Question #4: How does condensation drying work?

Answer: The dryer’s hot air enters a chamber where the condensation process goes to work. That process lowers the temperature of the air, and the cooler air touches the clothing. As a result, the water vapor comes out of the clothing. The condensed water then gets flushed out of the dryer’s chamber, much like the way that the water in a washer gets sent into a hose.

Question #5: How much laundry can a combo handle?

Answer: The washer can handle between 13 and 15 pounds per load. The dryer can handle between 7 and 9 pounds per load. By setting the various settings, the combo’s user can signal for completion of a single wash cycle.

Question #6: Can the combo unit be connected to the kitchen sink?

Answer: Yes, if the sink can serve as a source of hot water. Still, you have to have a hot and cold water line connection.

Question #7: What is the best location for a combo unit?

Answer: In a home, it proves quite useful when it has been placed in a kitchen. It can also go in a bathroom or in the master bedroom. Additionally, you can contact an appliance repair service in Bradford to help you get the best advice.

Question #8: Can any cycle in a combo include just the wash or dry function?

Answer: Yes, in order to do that, the user must put the timer for the unused function in the “off” position.

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