Bosch washing machine error

One of the most simple in operation is considered washing machines brand Bosch. Convenience is expressed in the fact that the user in most cases, can independently correct errors in washing machine Bosch, having minimal knowledge.


The trouble with the Bosch washing machine door


The code F01 appears because the boot door is not closed tightly enough. Immediately make sure that the door is closed tightly, and regroup the laundry so that it does not interfere with the correct fixation of the door (you should clearly hear a click when closing).


The problem may also be a defective door handle, door parts, guide part, or locking element. If broken, these must be repaired or replaced. The HOME APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER can always help you.


Code F16 signals that the washing does not start because the hatch is not closed. In this case, it is necessary to close the door and restart the program.


If the error does not disappear, then check the functionality of the door, fixing tab, and locking element and, if necessary, renew the damaged parts. Check the wiring.


If the door lock has not slammed, then F34 flashes on the screen. This is one of the critical errors, so turn off the unit immediately. There can be two primary causes. The first is that the door won’t close, and the second is that the door doesn’t automatically lock.


In the first case, the door does not shut or reopen, or the hatch cannot physically close (something is in the way). This happens because the door is skewed by deformation, the hook-latch does not get into the special hole, or the plastic guide is worn out.


In the second situation, the problem is either a breakage of the locking element, a clogging of the locking device (debris or small objects got in), or the control module broken (which is very rare).


You can fix it by disconnecting the device. Then check the lock, hinges and the door itself, the locking system, and its wiring. Then make, if necessary, repair or replace parts. The module is checked, and if it has burned out – it needs to be replaced, if the software has failed – it is necessary to reflash it.


Critical error F36 signals a faulty locking system (broken lock). The cause may be an open hatch or no lock. Reboot the machine, check the door closure tightness, and look at the wiring, hinges, lock, and control module. Upgrade or repair parts.


Code F61 indicates that the door has the wrong signal (it is both open and closed at the same time). This error is critical, so press ON/OFF immediately.


This could be caused by the module freezing. Do not turn on the unit for 30 minutes to fix it. During this time, call a technician or check the module, the door lock (locking mechanism), and the wiring yourself.


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