Bosch Washing Machine Errors Codes- Troubleshooting and Manual

In order for the Bosch washing machine to serve for a long time, it is necessary to notice malfunctions in time and eliminate them in a timely manner. Modern Bosch washing machines are equipped with a digital or analog display for user convenience, as well as for quickly displaying a breakdown in the form of a code. Below, we are providing the main error codes for Bosch washing machines, with explanations and repair recommendations.

F01 – Water intake timeout (Faulty Aquastop)


  • Make sure that the laundry is not interfering with the door closing.

F02-Heating timeout


  • Check if the water tap in the washing machine is open.
  • Make sure that the water is not turned off and is running at high pressure.
  • Remove the blockage in the water supply hose.

F03-Draining timeout

The error occurs if the washing machine does not drain the water within 10 minutes.


  • Make sure there is no blockage in the hose.
  • Check the function of the drain pump and electronic controller.

F04-Motor fault (No tacho signal)


  • Check the tightness of the connections and find the source of the leak.

F16-Washing machine door not closed


  • Close the door tightly and restart the program.

F17-Water does not flow into the washing machine

  1. the tap for water supply was broken;
  2. clogged water inlet filter;
  3. insufficient pressure when entering water.


  • Make sure the water inlet tap is open.
  • Try restarting the program.

F18-Pump/ Drain time-out

  1. Water does not drain for too long
  2. the drain pump is out of order;
  3. the required level has not been reached;
  4. the pressure switch is blocked;
  5. faulty water level sensor


  • Try to clean the drain pump.

F34-Door lock


  • The lock does not block in the door
  • the door gasket is not elastic.

F44-There is no rotation in the opposite direction.


  • Run the test program.
  • Check the module.

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