Buying An Under-Counter Ice Maker – What Features You Should Note

Determine the ice maker’s location

Decide where you intend to place that under-counter appliance. Some models have been designed to remain indoors; others can withstand exposure to the elements. The latter ones are more durable and do a better job of keeping ice cold. Measure the space into which the cube making machine will need to fit. Take the measurements with you if you visit an appliance store. If you plan to go online and look at the available ice makers, have the measurements in front of you, so that you can focus on those appliances that would fit in the designated space.

Give thought to how you hope to make use of your purchase

Will the cube maker’s presence simply be an added convenience for your family, or do you intend to start entertaining guests more often? If you will be serving iced drinks to guests, you should make a point of checking on one significant feature. In that case, you ought to know the rate of speed for the appliance’s cube making process or call in an appliance repair expert in San Diego County.

Think too about whether or not you have any preference for a specific cube shape. Maybe you would like to find a machine that shapes the frozen water into what has been called a gourmet cube. Cubes with such a shape do not dilute a drink’s flavor. If you expect most of the cubes to be used by members of your family, you can select from at least one half dozen different shapes. Decide now if you care whether a machine makes full sized cubes over half cubes. Would you like to provide your family with nugget-shaped or crescent-shaped cubes? If you want, you can look for under-counter ice makers that produce flakes instead of cube-shaped objects.

Be prepared to choose between two different drain options

Some ice makers have a gravity drain, which can dispense with the product of the inevitable melting. If you buy a machine with a gravity drain, then it needs to be located no more than 2 feet from the spot into which the water will be draining. You can put an ice making machine almost anywhere, if it has a drain pump. Still, you ought to ask about the level of the energy efficiency in such a pump.

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