Causes of noise in washing machines

In normal operation, the noise level of new machines is low. Observance of the rules of installation and placement allows you to reduce its intensity as much as possible. An increased or atypical noise means the breakage of one of the units and the need for repairs.

Drum spinning during operation and spinning

The main “classic” sound of the washing machine comes from the rotating drum and partly from the motor. It is uniform, monotonous, and characterized by a smooth rise and fall of force. The hum is produced by things in contact with the drum and with each other and water.

Modern motors are practically silent, inverter washing machines emit the minimum noise level.

Information about the maximum value of sound is given in the technical documentation. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates two values: when washing and when spinning at maximum speed. Modern devices are usually within the volume of 55 and 77 decibels, respectively.

Many manufacturers provide the opportunity to program the spin mode with spin speeds less than the maximum. This results in more residual moisture, but damages things less and reduces the sound of the running device.

Design changes in motors and drives also contribute to quieter operation. Above all, the sound level was positively affected by the abandonment of the belt connection in favor of a direct-drive clutch.

It should also be noted that the new inverter motors are much quieter than collector motors. They are practically inaudible against the noise from the drum loaded with stuff.

If the dampers are found to be worn, they should be replaced.

Like all dynamic parts, the drum shaft (axle) and bearing will wear out or deform over time. When this happens, smooth running is impaired and a whistling sound is heard in the rotating sound spectrum. The noise level becomes irregular, and its strength begins to pulsate at intervals of 1 to 3 seconds.

If these symptoms occur, the cause of the problem must be corrected. A jammed bearing at full speed can cause such severe mechanical damage that repair of the machine will be impractical.

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