Common Dryer Problems And Ways To Fix Them

Is your dryer not drying? Or does it dry, but not as well as it should, and you get dry but wrinkled clothes that are just ready for ironing? Or is your dryer leaking water? Dryers are great household appliance that many of us can’t imagine our lives without. As with all electrical appliances, problems can occur with them. In many cases, you’ll need to call a professional repairman, but many problems can be found and fixed on your own. What are the most common problems with dryers?

One thing should be noted from the start: if your dryer does not dry, if it creaks, if it makes strange noises, if it does not heat up, if the drum does not rotate – it is most likely a more serious problem that will require intervention inside the mechanism of the dryer. In this case, contact San Diego Appliance Repair Company.

Therefore, in some of the following lines, we will discuss some common problems that you may face when using your dryer. Identifying the problem is the key to solving it – what may seem like a trivial issue may turn out to be a more serious problem.

Dryer Does Not Turn On, Drying Process Does Not Start

Although the fact that the dryer won’t turn on may indicate a more serious problem, it’s a good idea to check and rule out a few things before calling a service center. In particular, pay attention to the door.

  • Make sure that there is not a piece of laundry stuck in the door. If it is, removing it should solve the problem.
  • Check to see if the switch is working. If there is a clicking sound when you close the door, then the door is activated and the switch is fine. If not, it needs to be replaced.
  • The on/off button may also be the cause of the problem. It should make a sound when you press it. If not, it must be replaced.
  • The drive belt can also prevent the dryer from starting. It doesn’t have to crack right away, just enough to damage it, dislodge it, and the dryer won’t start the program. You can tell when the dryer will start, but the drum will not spin. Leave the repairs to the professionals.
  • The dryer also won’t start if the vent is blocked, causing a short circuit in the heat sensor. If this is the problem, the sensor must be replaced.

The Dryer Makes Strange Noises

A clothes dryer is undoubtedly an appliance that can be heard. However, strange noises such as rattling, increased vibration or creaking may indicate a problem. If the dryer makes strange noises the first time you turn it on, try moving it away from the wall. If the appliance is too close to the wall, this can increase the vibration and noise.

Here’s an overview of the most common “strange” noises and what they might indicate. In most cases, however, it’s best to trust a professional to solve the problem.

  • Squeaking noises indicate faulty engine bearings.
  • A rattling sound is most often caused by a loose or damaged belt, or a damaged fan.
  • A whirring sound indicates that the problem is in the drum rotation or directly in the jammed motor.

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