Common Freezer Issues with Simple Fixes

When your refrigerator’s freezer isn’t working – it’s becoming a huge frustration for entire family. If your freezer isn’t working, there’s a good chance dinner is going to be takeout; however, we would try to show you some simple fixes for the three most common refrigerator freezer issues – including the temperature itself.

Each refrigerator portion has compartments which should be standing between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius, whereas your refrigerator’s freezer should be at a much cooler temperature – between -18 degrees Celsius, and -22 degrees Celsius as the cap. If you’re having issues with your food becoming spoiled long before it should be, this could be because your temperatures aren’t quite at the right setting.

Let’s take a look at some other common issues that can be solved simply:

Leakage from the Fridge

Leakage from the fridge can very easily turn out into a harmful to your family – mostly in the form of water coming out from underneath the fridge. If it goes on long enough, it can greatly harm your floor underneath. But in the some cases it might be actually quite easy to fix at home, and you can check to see if your fridge suffers from leakage by:

  • Check to see if the doors are properly sealed – are they deteriorated?
  • Seeing water underneath – not sure if the seal is in bad shape?

Build-Up from Frost

Frost build-up on your refrigerator or freezer can be caused by the doors not being properly shut, or the seal being deteriorated enough to where the warm air is able to enter. If it’s too cold inside, you’ll want to check the thermostats, but if it’s too warm, you may have to fix the seal. Always check to see if there are defrost options for your refrigerator. If your refrigerator is too old and suffers from these problems, it may be time to get a new one.

Bad Odors Coming from Freezer

When you feel a bad smell from your freezer, you often think of spoiled food, which may not be the entire cause.

Seals – might be the major reason, why your food can go bad far sooner than their expiration date on the package, the stench from past food can also coat the shelves, making the freezer smell worse.

Make sure that the freezer seals are tight enough to not allow the food to expire before the projected date and of course try to take out the shelves and clean them routinely.


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