Common Problems With Electrolux Ovens

Modern ovens break quite rarely, but problems with their operation cannot be ruled out. The problem is that the construction and all of its elements do not allow external intervention. Oven repair at home usually consists of replacing components, and in most cases it is performed by an experienced technician. However, in some cases, malfunctions can be repaired yourself.

What Are The Most Common Problems With Electrolux Ovens?

  • Failure of the heating element
    About the breakdown of one or more heating elements should be thought about, if the food is cooked unevenly, one of them in the process of cooking heats up to the maximum temperature, while the other remains almost untouched. To check the assumption, you need to turn on the oven and after a while touch the heating elements with your hand wrapped in a towel. If one of them is cold, you need to replace it with a new one. You can easily do this with your own hands.
  • Damaged thermostat
    It happens that the heating elements are fine, the temperature is set correctly, but the food still does not want to bake evenly. In this case, most likely, the thermostat is broken. Fixing such malfunctions of Electrolux ovens requires the participation of an experienced technician.
  • Error Codes
    Ovens from Bosch and others models are usually equipped with a self-diagnostic system. In case of malfunction of the device, error codes are immediately displayed on the electronic screen. It is worth noting that each manufacturer has its own codes, so you should carefully read the instructions before proceeding to troubleshooting.

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