Comparing Different Types of Mobilized Grilling Equipment

Each piece of mobilized grilling equipment, also known as a portable grill has the same purpose. It should aid creation outdoors of foods that make mouths start to water. Of course, like a chef’s different tricks, each manufacturer’s grills come with a specific set of features.

The features that relate to the grill’s size

A portable grill must be easy to carry from one location to the next. A typical family uses a car, van or truck as a grill-transport. Those families that must use a car need one that will fit in the trunk. Such a family may prefer a compact, rectangular piece of equipment, like the Weber Q1200. Still, the surface area of that same grill, 189 sq. inches places it in the category labeled “small.” A chef that intends to prepare lots of burgers in a short span of time might prefer the Char Broil BTU.

The features that relate to the grill’s weight

When you shop for a portable grill, do not assume that the size serves as an indication of the grill’s weight. Today, manufacturers have access to all sorts of new materials. Sometimes a large piece of grilling equipment weighs less than one of the smaller grills. Keep in mind, too, all the factors that can make an object easy or difficult to carry. A bulky grill might be hard to move from place to place, even if its weight remains on the low side. The shopper should try lifting and carrying any grilling device that will not remain at a fixed location.

The features that relate to the grill’s source of heat

If a chef must feed a large crowd in an open space and in a limited amount of time, a propane grill would best meet the needs of that outdoor cook. So, even though it is small, the Weber Q1200 provides the cook with one distinct advantage. Propane heats up a grilling surface faster than charcoal.

On the other hand, some people crave the charcoal taste of food that has been cooked over heated charcoal briquettes. If a chef must feed such men and women, then that same cook might want to use a Weber Smokey Joe. Outdoor chefs should also become familiar with infrared technology, which can be found in grills such as the Char Broil BTU.

Another feature found in the Char Broil BTU

The grill that relies on infrared technology also has a unique hood. It holds a temperature gauge. In other words, a cook can check on the temperature of the foods on the round grilling surface. In addition, the manufacturer promises an absence of flare-ups. Of course the disappearance of flare ups also indicates the absence of a means for searing meat.

However, if you are unsure about the right grill to invest in, consult with an appliance repair service in San Diego County. They would help you buy one within your budget and as per your requirements.

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