Components You Should Check First When Gas Grill Does Not Work

In some regions of the United States, people can cook meat on an outdoor grill almost any time of year. Of, course, that assumes that the grill will work in the way it intended. In this artilce we’re goingt to explain what components need to be examined first, if your grill fails to work properly.

Has the igniter malfunctioned?

There are two types of ignitors; do you know which type you have on your gilling appliance? By understanding the principle behind your ignitor’s method of operation, you can better judge what might be causing the apparent problem.

When a piezoelectric ignitor malfunctions, it is usually because the crystal inside of it has broken. An ignitor with an electric light relies on a battery for power. If the battery has died, the power source has vanished.

Does the burner light with a match? That suggests that the problem may be the ignitor. Once that question has been answered, turn off the main gas valve. Then seek answers to the questions on the following list.

Questions to ask, if ignitor does not seem to be working

– Is there debris in the tube that carries the fuel?
– Is there debris in the spark gap?
– Are there any broken or chewed wires in the region close to where the sparks should be forming?

How to check for leaky components

Tubes carry the gas from the source to the grilling surface. Valves control the opening and closing of the fuel’s path. A leak in a tube or a valve could cause the grill’s flame to be unusually small. Make a solution of soapy water. Wipe all the connections with that same solution. Do not forget to wipe the valves. Be sure that the gas line is open during this test.

Study the surfaces that have been wiped. Do you see bubbles forming anywhere? The appearance of bubbles would signal the presence of a leak. Any leaky valve or any leaky tube has to be replaced. Read in the manual what size valve or tubing you need. If you cannot find your manual, go online; visit the manufacturer’s website. Arrange to purchase and install the necessary replacement parts.

In order to limit the number of leaks in the gas-carrying components, keep your equipment clean. Do your best to prevent formation of rust. If you enjoy the ability to use your grill at just about any time of the year, determine when you will perform the functions that get carried out by those outdoor chefs that can only do their grilling during the periods of warmer weather. Performance of those functions calls for appliance repair service in San Diego County will lead to completion of a more thorough cleaning process on all of the grill’s components.

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