Dishes for microwave oven

For those who have just recently bought a microwave oven and started using it, it should be noted that not all dishes may be suitable for the operation of such a unit. What kind of dishes should you buy so as not to spoil the microwave? After all, if you use the “wrong” dishes in such a device, you risk not only spoiling the dishes or the stove but also getting injured by fire.

The greatest danger for the microwave is metal kitchen appliances. Metal plates can damage any microwave oven model, as when they are used, sparks similar to sparklers will appear in the device. In addition to metal, grandmother’s plates and mugs with a golden border will be dangerous for the stove. When using them, you can see the same sparks. In general, anything containing metal should not be placed on the stove.

Before placing the devices in the microwave, be sure to remove forks and spoons from them. Crystal dishes should also not be put in the oven, as they can break. It is also necessary to refuse disposable cardboard dishes, as the probability of fire inside the chamber is very high.

What dishes are suitable for the microwave?

The best option is ordinary glass. Glass pots and molds can be found in any store. Also, suitable dishes made of glass ceramics, not only new but also old, made of clay. The leader of sales in stores is considered to be special plastic dishes for microwave ovens. When using such dishes in ovens, nothing will happen to them, but there is no benefit from it either since it is not environmentally friendly. Such dishes can be used in all modes except grilling because the grill melts any plastic dishes.

For cooking on the grill, dishes made of heat-resistant glass are perfect. Such dishes can be used on a conventional stove. For the microwave, it is better to buy heat-resistant glassware with a lid, which you can then use as a flat dish. Also, it is worth noting that for cooking in a microwave oven you need dishes with a lid because in this case the dish cooks faster and turns out more juicy.

Thus, in order not to spend money on new spare parts for microwaves, use only special high-quality heat-resistant dishes.

Need to repair the microwave?

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