Dishwasher: important to know

All household chores mainly lie with the hostess of the house. She needs to clean, cook, and wash clothes, and the dirtiest thing is to wash the dishes. And, of course, even the best hostess does not like to do it. And there is no need because today almost all household work is done by household appliances. And the dishes also do not need to be washed by hand – entrust them to the dishwasher.


No matter how good everything sounds, it happens that the dishwasher malfunctions and stops performing its direct duties.


In order to avoid undesirable consequences, the installation and connection of the dishwasher should be entrusted to professionals. After all, this is a device that is stuffed with various chips and electronics, and not everyone can cope with such things if they do not have special education or at least knowledge.


In addition, the specialist, coming to you, will not only connect the dishwasher but also advise how to operate it correctly, because it is not so easy. The dishwasher has some differences from other equipment, due to the fact that all dishwashing processes are performed at high temperatures and under strong water pressure. Based on this conclusion – one wrong step and the repair of the dishwasher are provided to you!


Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read the user manual before you plug the dishwasher into the network. The instructions clearly indicate the rules of use, modes, and what they are responsible for. And remember, you need to use them only for their intended purpose. Learn how to set the modes on the dishwasher correctly. I will explain why. In almost all dishwashers, the mode knob rotates only clockwise, which cannot be said about the temperature knob – it can rotate in both directions. Use the knobs very carefully, they are very easy to break, but the repair of the temperature knob is not cheap.


Pay attention!


– if you notice a puddle of water under the dishwasher;


– extraneous sounds appeared during the operation of the device;


– the dishwasher does not drain the water;


– during its operation, if the corks are knocked out or the dishwasher does not turn on at all, urgently contact the service or call the master at home.


 The best solution is to call the master at home or contact the service center. It is a call to us and we will provide you with the best repair service IN ALL OF SAN DIEGO. With our superior performance, absolute accuracy, extensive knowledge and experience, fast and efficient service, friendly attitude, free maintenance consultations, and post-warranty service, we are proud to say that we are the leading repair service provider in San Diego. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are always dedicated to what we do. We are open 24/7 a week, on weekends and holidays. Our engineers will come to you 15 minutes after your call in urgent cases. Give us a call and SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR will solve any problem.


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