Does Your Icemaker Need Maintenance?

A standalone icemaker is most often found in restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. These machines are efficient and worthwhile, if you have a lot of traffic for ice. These machines produce large quantities of ice and can be accessed by anyone. Because of an icemaker’s size and utility it falls in the higher-end price ranges. If you purchase such an appliance it will be important to maintain it through regular inspection and cleaning to reduce the amount of repairs you might experience.

This will save you quite a lot of money and will keep your ice machine in proper working order for as long as possible. Be sure to read your owner’s manual. In this little booklet provided with your icemaker you will find step-by-step instruction on how to care and maintain your machine. It will list common problems and specify when it is time to call in a repairman. Each manual is specific to the model that it comes with. One of the first steps in maintaining your ice machine after purchase is to install a filter. These filters are made with charcoal and will help to prevent odor from your water. It is installed on the water line and can also improve the taste of your ice. Replace your filter regularly approximately every six months.

Filter replacements

Another filter that should be replaced regularly is the air filter. This should be done twice per year. Be sure to regulate the temperature. If your ice machine does not come with a built in thermometer you can easily find one to attach. Monitor regularly for changes because no one likes melted ice. Another important responsibility when you own an icemaker is to properly clean it. This means you need to clean the water reservoir every two to three months. Your manual will give you specific instructions on how to do this and what kind of cleaner to use. Another part of the cleaning process should include sanitizing your ice bin.

Clean the reservoir

This should be done when you clean your reservoir and is done with a special cleaning solution. Be sure to clean the entire interior thoroughly and rinse well before putting your machine back into use. This will ensure that your ice isn’t contaminated with anything that could harm your customers. Following these tips will keep your icemaker in proper working order.

And while regular maintenance from a professional is also needed, maintaining and cleaning your machine regularly will greatly reduce any repairs or replacements that you might not otherwise encounter. There will be some general wear and tear to your machine. So, if you do experience needing minor repairs it isn’t something that you did. It is just the regular experience of owning an ice machine. If you have issues that are not being resolved on your own, it is important that you consult an appliance repair company and let them do the repair or maintenance.

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