Replacement of sealing rubber in Electrolux refrigerators

The refrigerator seal is an important element in the design of the device, thanks to which the temperature in the refrigerator chamber is stored and maintained at the required level for proper functioning. In other words, the seal is responsible for the tightness between the door and the chamber of the refrigerator and freezer. But under certain conditions, improper use, or service life, the sealing rubber can be damaged.



Types of seals are divided into 3 types:


  1. Seal for screws
  2. 2Seal for gluing
  3. Seal “dovetail”

You can determine which type of seal is installed in the refrigerator by carefully inspecting it. If screws are visible on the rubber, then you need the first type of rubber. The seal for gluing has no screws and it deviates completely to the outer edge. The latter type of rubber is mounted in the groove, if you pull the rubber off the door, you will see how it is pulled out of the groove, and when pressed back it sits in the groove.


The company Electrolux in its refrigerators uses sealing rubber of the first, second, and third types: under gluing and “dovetail”. This part has its own characteristics that must be taken into account when replacing it.


Replacement of sealing rubber Electrolux:

  1. Remove the refrigerator or freezer door and dismantle the old rubber.
  2. Apply new rubber to the door and install furniture corners in its corners.
  3. Using a self-tapping screw, fix one corner of the rubber by bending it.
  4. Fix the screws along the contour and corners.
  5. Install the door of the device in place and adjust it.



Sealing rubber is a part that separates zones with different temperature values. And that is why it is constantly exposed to moisture condensation, which settles on top. And everyone knows that in a humid environment fungi multiply very quickly and mold appears. To prevent the appearance of mold on the rubber of the refrigerator door, and to preserve it, you need to know the secrets of proper care:


  1. Before washing the refrigerator, you need to turn it off in advance and leave it for a certain time.
  2. 2. Do not wash the refrigerator or freezer chamber, as well as rubber with products that contain chlorine.
  3. 3. If you use means for washing the refrigerator, they should be washed off only with warm water.
  4. 4. Remember, after washing the refrigerator should be wiped dry.
  5. 5. Monitor the condition of the refrigerator chamber, if you notice drops of water on the back wall, wipe them off.
  6. 6. Do not leave the refrigerator open for a long time.

Timely, correct, and most importantly not complicated care of the refrigerator rubber will extend its service life.


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