Error E20 in Electrolux machines usually lights up at the stage of washing: the washing machine can not drain the water and gives an alarm code.

Error interpretation

Code E20 means that there were problems with the drain in the washing machine Electrolux. If you enter the service mode (usually done by the master when diagnosing), the machine can show E21, E22, E23, or E24. The second digit of the code helps to determine more precisely the failed unit. However, all “twentieth” errors are related to the problem of water drainage.

Error E20 – when you can fix it yourself

The 20th error in the Electrolux washing machine does not always indicate a breakdown. Here is a list of causes that you can fix on your own:

1. The drain filter is clogged. The filter protects the drain pump from small debris from clothing pockets getting into it. If the filter is clogged, water from the tank drains slowly or does not drain at all. Please use our cleaning instructions to clean the filter yourself or order a cleaning service.
2. Drain hose is kinked or pinched. If there are kinks, bends, or squeezes in the drain hose, free it.
A clog in the drain. It is not uncommon for a washing machine to be connected to the sink siphon, which is quite often clogged. Because of the clog, the water can not escape, and the machine displays an error. It is necessary to remove the clog: yourself or by calling a plumber E 20.
3. One-time failure of the control module. Sometimes errors in the washing machine appear because of “glitches” in the control module. It is necessary to overload the module: to do this, disconnect your Electrolux from the mains for 10-15 minutes. Perhaps the machine will “hang up” and the error will disappear by itself.

Probable malfunctions that require repair

The appearance of the code E20 – is a good reason to contact a master. Breakdowns, at which Electroluxes produce the twentieth error, are quite diverse. According to the experience of Repair Service Provider service engineers in San Diego, the following units are most often affected.

1. Drain Pump
It is most likely burned out due to debris entering it or power surges.

2. Clogging in the drain path
Most often “clogs” occur in the drain pipe, filter, hose, or sewer. Because of the clog, the water can not escape or it happens too slowly. As a result, the machine gives an alarm code.

3. Water level switch
The sensor is probably stuck in the “empty tank” position. The malfunction could be due to:

– The Water level switch in the pressure chamber is contaminated;
– clogged, damaged, or dislodged Water level switch
– Failure of the unit sensor.

4. Control Module
The radio elements are broken or the tracks in the drain pump circuit are burned out.
If in service mode machine shows E23 – pump control triac burned out, E24 means other board elements failure in drain pump circuit.

5. Damaged wiring or contacts in the pump circuit
Most often, the wiring suffers from vibrations during the operation of the machine, and contacts rot or burn through. In the private sector, mice or rats cause damage.

If your Electrolux washing machine has stopped with water and shows E 20, the best solution is to call a master at home or contact the service center. This calls us, and we will give you the best repair service AT ALL SAN DIEGO. With our superior performance, absolute accuracy, extensive knowledge and experience, fast and efficient service, friendly attitude, free maintenance consultation and after-service warranty, we are proud to say that we are the leading Repair Service Provider in San Diego. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are always committed to what we do. We are open 24/7 a week, on weekends and holidays. Our engineers will come to you 15 minutes after your call in urgent cases. Give us a call, and SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR will solve any problem.


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