Five The Most Common Washing Machine Problems

Your washing machine is that tireless workhorse…until it isn’t. When your washing machine breaks down, especially in the middle of a load, it can be everything from a minor inconvenience to a full out emergency. According to local San Dirgo appliance repair professionals, here are some common washing machine problems and their solutions.

My Washing Machine Won’t Turn On

Aside from the obvious question of whether it is getting power (check your breaker, fuse box, or outlet), your washer’s motor may have overheated and required a cool down before continuing. There are pauses between cycles, so make sure it is not in one of those pause cycles. If the lid is up, many washers will not spin or agitate. Sometimes the lid switch probe, the little plastic piece under the lid, has become dislodged. Some washers will not run until the water has filled to the appropriate level. Advance your timer and see if this remedies that problem.

My Machine Won’t Spin or Agitate

Always make sure the lid is completely closed. Your model may not spin or agitate when the lid is up. Check the lid switch. Check your selector to make sure that the load is not between speeds or in a soak cycle. If you are detecting a humming noise while the tub is full of water, something may be lodged in the drain pump. It also may be a belt problem. Belts are designed to spin and agitate so an old or worn belt can disable your machine from those two functions. Motor and transmission issues can also be the problem. If you can’t remedy this issue with a selector adjustment or don’t feel comfortable with belt replacements, it may be time to call a San Diego appliance repair technicians.

My Washer Won’t Drain

There may be an obvious solution, so check the drain hose for possible kinks or any lint traps in the hose. The drain line may be clogged. This may also be pump or transmission issues. If the obvious is not the problem, call a professional.

My Washer Won’t Complete The Cycle

This may mean that your timer is bad. Your appliance repair professional in San Diego will remove the control panel and look at contacts for corrosion or scorching.

My Washer Leaks

If your washer leaks during the spin or fill cycles, it may mean leaky or disconnected hoses. Over-sudsing can also be a problem, especially if you have a water softener. Leaks happen with a front load machine that has accumulated dirt and soap around the gasket inhibiting the door to make a proper seal. Other leaks can be due to a malfunctioning pump, a malfunctioning water inlet valve, or a tub that has corroded. Most times, you will want to call an appliance repair specialist in San Diego when you are dealing with a leak.

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