Four Common Problems with Ice Makers

Four Common Issues with Ice Makers.

With summer on its way, you might be thinking about all the parties and backyard barbeques you’ll be attending, or maybe even hosting.

You’ll be thinking about trying out a new beverage or cocktail recipe to set you apart from the usual menu. But as you go to grab ice and get blending, you notice that the ice maker in your Viking fridge isn’t working!

Don’t panic and keep reading the most common problems with ice makers and what to do about them.

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Won’t Eject Ice

Motor: If your ice maker won’t eject ice than the problem is most likely with the motor. You can either buy a new motor and install it yourself, or call for a technician to come and do it for you.

Won’t Make Ice

Water supply: The first thing you should check is your ice makers water supply. If you can see the arm swing into motion and hear a buzzing sound for around 10 seconds this means that the water valve is asking for water but isn’t getting it. Check the water supply line for kincks in the tube and straighten them out or replace them.

Water line: If the water line, located at the back of the fridge, is blocked then the freezer won’t make ice. Find the shut-off valve for the water behind the fridge and turn it off. Then unscrew the copper line from the back of the fridge and put the line in a bucket off to the side. Then turn the valve back on and see if water pours out. If it doesn’t than there is likely something blocking the water line.

Ice mold: If the ice maker is filled with full-sized ice than there might be an issue with the electrical connection or the water supply fill valve. You can buy a new valve from the manufacturer or from a parts distributor install a new one yourself. If you aren’t familiar with replacing a valve or you suspect the problem is with the electrical connection, you should call a technician to take a look.

Steps to Fixing Frozen Over Ice Maker

Unplug the Fridge: The first step to thawing out your ice maker is to unplug the fridge. You can also turn off the circuit breaker that is giving your fridge power. Than remove the ice bin from the fridge and remove any loose ice. Depending on how much ice is clogging up the maker, this could take you a few minutes, or an hour; you may want to move food into a second fridge or a cooler filled with ice so that it doesn’t go bad.

Locate Fill Tube: Next, locate the fill tube; this is a white, rubber hose that transports the water to the ice maker. If you notice that the ice cubes seem to be getting smaller, it usually means that the fill tube is frozen. Check to see if something has caused the fill tube to freeze up. When you find it, remove the metal clip that holds the tube.

Melt Ice: Once you have removed the clip, warm the fill tube by taking a turkey baster filled with hot water and applying to areas where ice is blocking the hose. You can also use a hair dryer to melt the ice. Be very careful when doing this as you can get an electrical shock; soak up any dripping water with a cloth to prevent water getting onto any exposed electrical components or place a bowl underneath the area you are working on to catch water drops. You can also remove the ice maker and let it thaw outside the fridge if you are nervous about thawing the hose inside the fridge.

Doesn’t Turn Off

Reinstall: Try reinstalling the ice maker and see if that helps. To do this, lift the bail wire to turn off the ice maker. This looks like a thin, metal wire in a rectangular shape. Once the ice maker is off, remove the ice bin, and using a screwdriver, remove the ice maker. Give it a good clean in warm water and then reinstall it back into the fridge. If the problem continues, call for a technician to come and repair it.

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