Four Stove Maintenance Tips to Live By: Lower Jenn-Air Stove Repair Costs

The humble stove is one of the most commonly overlooked workhorse appliances in the home. Jenn-Air stove repair is an integral service for homeowners whether they realize it or not, but when a stove or oven breaks down, the urgency of this service is on full display. After all, you can’t feed your family a home-cooked meal if your Jenn-Air stove is in need of repair, and what is more important than that?

It seems as though appliances always break down at the worst time, but you can delay the inevitable internal failures that come with time if you practice some good maintenance habits. Lower your Jenn-Air stove repair costs by using the following 4 stove maintenance tips to keep things running smoothly.

Keep your sparking mechanism running smoothly.

If you activate a burner and hear no clicking noises from your sparking mechanism, then there is a very good chance that it has become clogged. Look closely at the spark assembly found right along the edge of the burner. Food is a common cause for blockage in this area. When allowed to accumulate, food particles can actually block the spark from making contact with the gas being emitted. Solving this issue and avoiding the need for a Jenn-Air stove repair call is as simple as wiping the mechanism clean. When you try the burner again, you should see a flame right away.

Avoid abrasives at all costs.

Whether you have a smooth electrical stove appliance, or a gas-fired Jenn-Air model, you will need to be very careful about using abrasive cleaning pads on the surface. It can be so tempting to want to attack those persistent food stains and crusted-on messes with something tough and abrasive, but you must resist! This kind of cleaning approach will scratch up the surface of your stove and allow future grime and spills to nestle into the furrows you’ve dug.

Instead, opt for a cleaner and pad designed specirically for smooth-topped stoves. These will allow you to scrub away food debris without gouging into your precious Jenn-Air stove top.

Clean the stove knobs often.

Numbered stove knobs will become greasy in time, since high-heat cooking will eventually cover them in an oily film. To prevent this from happening, try pulling the knobs off occasionally to give them a good scrub. When doing so, be careful not to wear away the number sign, since these are crucial when controlling the temperature of your stove.

Don’t forget the self-cleaner.

Some aspects of your stove maintenance will be easier than others, but few are more efficient than your oven’s self-cleaning function. This will heat your entire oven up to levels that turn all food particles to dust. Once the cycle has completed, simply open the oven and clean out the dust particles that remain. This can prevent a lot of food-related interference with your oven’s operation.

These 4 simple stove and oven maintenance tips should go a long way towards offsetting the cost of your Jenn-Air stove repairs. Another handy tip for reducing the costs of repairs is to contact the most cost-efficient repair service. San Diego Appliances Repair Company offers unparalleled customer experience with their prompt, professional repair service. Technicians are closer than you think, and can get you a same-day repair for a fraction of the cost of the competition! Visit San Diego Appliances Repair Company to learn more!

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