Gas Stove Keeps On Clicking? Try Replacing The Ignition Switch

If you are reading this probably your gas stove or range starts making a rather weird clicking noise after you’ve light the burner. Could be even worse – maybe the burner fails to light all together? If you are facing such challenges and you’ve taken advantage of the common troubleshooting tips without any success, it might be time to replace the spark ignition switch. Here is some few tips on how to do so safely. Before moving further, make sure that your appliance is properly cooled off and that it’s entirely disconnected from any kind of power source. This is going to ensure your own safety.

How to remove the old switch?

There are a few things you need to do. Unplug the gas supply valve after fully closing it. Remove your burner grates and the burner caps and set them aside. Remove the burner heads next. If it needed, use the quarter inch nut driver in order to remove any nuts which are securing it. Remove the screws which are holding burner tube to the cook top and insert a screw driver with a flat head under the side or the front edge. Lift it up carefully to release the clips which are mounting the whole thing. Now, depending on the model you will have to prop open the cook top with a wood block or gently lift it up. Open it up and remove the screws which are surrounding the manifold panel. This is where you need to disconnect all the wires for the switch and remove them from their metal clips. Get the switch moved away.

How to install the new one?

That’s actually the easier part. Snap the new switch into its place and place the wires back in their clips so that you can reconnect them. Replace the manifold panel and put the screws back in to shut the door of the oven. Replace the lower top back on its place. Put all the screws which secure gas tubes where they belong. Replace the head of the burner and make sure that the notch is perfectly aligned. Replace the nuts if that’s applicable. Push back the knobs onto the valve stems and make sure to replace the grates and the burner caps. Plug in the gas supply to the stove after you open it up.

If you follow these steps carefully, the entire thing should not take you more than about 30 minutes. However, if you are feeling insecure about it, it would be better to call the technicians. Appliance repair professional are well experienced in these operations and would handle them quickly and securely. They will also let you know if there are any other issues related to your gas stove. Thus, it is best to hire someone local that come over quickly when you need them. Look online and shortlist the appliance repair services that have a positive review.

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