Good Maintenance to Make Your Refrigerator Last Longer

Manufacturers describe in detail refrigerator principles and how the refrigeration system works , however consumers rarely read basic recommendations to keep your refrigerator running for years. Because of this, the efficiency of the functioning of the units decreases and the time of their intensive use is reduced.

If you guide the recommendations provided below, you will not need to contact repair service center a couple of years after purchasing the unit. Usually by that time, the unit does not freeze well, it turns off , or does not work at all. These issues could be easily avoided by knowing the operating conditions of the refrigerator and follow the recommendations. In this case, the device will work flawlessly, performing functions for many years.

Refrigerator delivery and installation

It is better for unit to be delivered and installed by a Garant Service.

* The location where the appliance is going to be installed should be free and allow the footprint width and depth of the refrigerator. Furthermore, it is advisable to install it at some distance from heating panels and windows. The presence of heat flows can lead to disruption of refrigerator functioning.

4 tips to maintain your refrigerator properly

1. Check the door seals.
The seals on the doors of your fridge and freezer make sure that the cold air stays inside.
2. Clean it out.
4. It is enough to do it every 2-4 weeks. The refrigerator should be disconnected from the mains beforehand, then wipe down all the surface and shelves. In this case, there should be no moisture in the refrigerator and freezer compartment.
3 Never put hot food in the fridge
You should at least wait for the food to come down to room temperature
4 Set the right temperature.

Following these advises, you can extend the effective use of the unit by preventing or postponing the possible repair of the refrigerator for a long time.

How long will the above recommendations delay the repair of refrigerators?

Conscientious fulfillment of the previously indicated recommendations will allow you to operate the refrigerator for the period set by the manufacturer. Maintenance will be required only after the main parts of the refrigerator are no longer functioning and need to be replaced with new ones.

If for some reason it stopped working properly or you notice it stopped functioning as it used to be. We are looking forward to helping you out! Our technical team of experts will let you rest knowing all the works done by us are trustworthy, as well as provide recommendations for the competent use of the unit model, depending on its condition and location.

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