Here’s Why Your Washing Machine’s Spin Cycle Is Not Working

Sometimes a washing machine just stops working and it leaves you with a pile of dirty clothes that will pile up every day until you can wash again. People normally do laundry about once a week in order to stay caught up. Once a washing machine breaks down, this could completely run your chance of staying caught up on your laundry. You can fix the problem but how long will it take? That will depend on what is wrong with the washer. If the problem is that the washer won’t spin out the water, there could be a few things wrong. You can check them all and determine if there is something you can fix yourself or if you need to call a professional.

First Steps: Making Your Diagnosis

Diagnosing the problem is the first step. Here are some ways to check it on your own, to determine what could be the problem:

1. Is the washer unbalanced? When you add a large load to the washer or if you over stuff the washer, you may find that some clothes actually gets stuck on the side of the tub. This will cause the drum to feel unbalanced. In order to start it again, the clothes will need to be balanced again. You may even want to remove some of the wet clothes and wash them in a separate load.
2. Check the circuit panel to determine if a circuit breaker has been tripped. Sometimes the power surge can cause the breakers to turn off in order to prevent a fire.
3. Disconnect all cords and reconnect them. Sometimes the cords just work themselves loose and this causes a poor connection.
4. Is the lid closed all the way? When you put a load of clothes in, you may have left a shirt dangling on the edge and it just fell in but didn’t close the right way. It’s important that the lid is fully closed before the washer will wash.
If these are not what went wrong with the washer, here are a few problems that will need to be considered:

Common Mechanical Problems with Top Load Washers

Lid switch is defective – when the lid is closed, the washer has a sensor to let it know. But if this sensor goes bad, then it will not wash the clothes. You will need to replace the lid switch first.
If the belt is broken, the washer may not wash. Over time, these belts inside the washer can wear down and eventually snap into. You will need to replace the belt in order to regain use of your washer again.

Common Mechanical Issues with Front Load Washers

The pump could be clogged – If you find that the front washer is not spinning the water out, the pump could be clogged up. You can clean it out and it should work fine.

The circuit breaker is tripped – As a safety precaution; sometimes the circuit breaker will trip and cause the washer to lose power. The circuit breaker switch will need to be turned back on in order to work again.

If you can’t make the washer work and you have tried everything on this list, then it is time that you call an appliance repair professional in San Diego County to do it, for you.

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