How Can Your Family Benefit From Introduction of A Trash Compactor?

Do you feel especially challenged when seeking someone in your family who will agree to take out the trash on a regular basis? Few families have anyone that volunteers for that messy duty. That fact shines the limelight on one benefit enjoyed by the owner of a trash compactor.

What are some of the other benefits?

• The item carried to the dumpster or other large receptacle is not big and difficult to carry. All the trash gets squeezed into a tiny package.
• The compactor’s presence showcases the wisdom behind efforts advocated by environmentalists. Take, for example, the practice of telescoping trash.
• Some families use their compactor strictly for decreasing the volume of the amount of trash that can be recycled.
• If you have joined a homeowner’s association, you may have to pay a fee for disposal of your trash. When you compact your trash, you need fewer pickups, and the size of your fee decreases.
• No one must get their hands dirty, trying to tap down the trash, so that more can go in the receptacle.

Safety concerns introduced by presence of compactor

Make clear to guests and family members that only the powered ram should be used to condense the volume of trash. A leg or arm should never get placed on the items inside of the compactor’s bin. Do not let children play around the compacting appliance, even if they are well-supervised. However, if there is any malfunction, call on the appliance repair service in San Diego County.

New features that address the safety concerns

• An alarm sounds if the appliance has malfunctioned. When the alarm sounds, the appliance stops working.
• An alarm sounds if the compactor’s bin has not been loaded correctly. Its sound shuts down operation of the appliance.

Problems that remain unsolved

How a large facility such as a nursing home can provide staff with an easy way to fill the compactor’s bin. Such a facility cannot afford to have the compacting appliance in every room. Yet even a single patient can produce a large amount of waste in just one day.

Families that use their compactors for reducing the volume of the items to be recycled must resort to the old method for taking out their trash. There are no combo compactors on the market.

If some item gets thrown in the trash by accident, there is almost no way to retrieve it. Even if it could be found, there is not much chance that it would be useable.

Compactor cannot kill the bad smell created by items in the bin. Perhaps in the future some company will make bins that absorb the smell in the way that certain garbage bags perform that specific function at the present time. In other words, that problem seems easy to solve.

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