How do dishwashers work?

A dishwasher is one of the most popular household appliances, which is an indispensable assistant in the house. How does this technique work, and in what way is it better than the manual washing of dishes?

The dishwasher is a large rectangular tank with a door. Inside the tank is covered with stainless steel and has the following elements:

– Baskets for kitchen appliances. As a rule, there are two baskets in the machine: lower and upper. Dishwasher baskets can be removable for easy removal. There is also a plastic container for cutlery, which is inserted into one of the baskets.

– Dispensers. These are containers that are located on the front door of the machine and are used for detergents.

– Filter. It is used to retain food residues from kitchen appliances.

– Rockers. These are plastic tubes that are located above each basket and spray water when rotating.

– Container for salt. In such containers is placed salt with an ion exchanger, which softens hard water, and prevents the appearance of scale on the parts of the machine.

Dishes in the baskets should be arranged so that washing is effective. The dispenser should have a certain dose of detergent, which should be enough for one washing cycle. Salt and rinse aid are usually loaded in large doses for several dishwashing cycles. Well, then the necessary program is selected, which depends on the type of dishes laid.

After starting the machine, it is filled with water using a filler hose. Water hardness is reduced by softeners. Water stops flowing automatically as soon as it reaches the required level. The heating element heats the water to the temperature that corresponds to the program you have chosen.

Under the strong pressure of water, the impellers begin to rotate. Jets of water come out with great force and remove all dirt from the dishes. The dispenser automatically opens, and thus the detergent enters the devices. After the washing process is completed, the dirty water is removed by a pump, and clean water is immediately filled for rinsing.

It is clear that the dishwasher works in automatic mode, which is why the washing process takes much longer than manual washing. However, when operating such equipment, you will have more time, and your hands will be soft and smooth.

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