How Do Troubleshooters Deal With Freezer Problems?

This article will not touch on every issue that might cause a freezer to malfunction. Some problems happen so seldom that you may never have to deal with them. Others arise far more frequently. Experienced troubleshooters stand prepared to handle the issues that are associated with those more common malfunctions.

Steps you can take if the freezer does not run

First, seek answers to the most basic questions: Is the cord broken? Has the fuse been blown? Has the circuit breaker tripped?

Next check the internal wiring and the components that respond to any signals that get sent through that same wiring. Maybe the thermostat control or the defrost timer got stuck in the wrong position. An ice buildup can bring an end to a freezer’s ability to function properly.

A telltale sound indicates the existence of a different problem. Does the compressor hum, but not run? If that is the case the problem’s source must be located in either the compressor or the defrost timer. Still, those are not the only components that ought to be examined. A bad start delay can have the same effect as a bad control or a bad defrost timer. Moreover, that does not complete a listing of the things that can keep a freezer from carrying out its intended function.

That appliance will not keep stored items frozen solid if a certain part has seized-up. That part is the rotor shaft. Do not overlook that particular component.

What to check out if the freezer’s temperature does not drop down to a suitable level

Observation of that problem calls for the posing of one specific question. Is there a problem with the cold control? Fortunately, a simple test can be used to answer that question. See if you can bypass the cold control switch.

Could the problem be located somewhere other than the cold control? In other words, could the refrigerant be responsible for the freezer’s failure to perform perfectly? That question cannot be answered completely by a troubleshooter. It does suggest the presence of a leak. Hence, the correct answer will only come to light, if an appliance repair technician in San Diego County gets contacted. Then that same technician can search for the location of the suspected leak.

Actions to take if there appears to be an excessive ice buildup

This normally indicates that the entire defrost system has stopped working. In order to fix the problem, turn the defrost timer clockwise. Keep turning until the compressor shuts down. Check to see if the ice has melted? If it has not, then one of two things could be wrong in the examined appliance. It could have a bad defrost heater, or it could have a bad defrost thermostat.

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