How long can household appliances last?

Using household appliances every day, the question comes to mind: “How long can household appliances work?”. After all, many still have old refrigerators and TVs that work in the country. Yes, it is true, old refrigerators worked without any errors for 40, and sometimes more than 40. But, I’m sorry to tell you, modern household appliances will not work for so long.


But why do all the innovations that exist today in the world of technology not make modern household appliances more durable and enduring? There is more than one reason, there are many of them, for example, the use of complex electronic circuits, thanks to which the functionality of refrigerators or washing machines is expanded, this was not the case, the refrigerator was intended only for storing fresh food, today refrigerators can “talk” with their owners. Manufacturers have become more competent and make equipment so that it has a certain lifespan because it is not particularly profitable for them to sell their inventions every thirty years. Yes, and the consumers themselves have changed, their views on the world, and on life have changed, so everyone wants comfort, more time to devote to themselves, and not to cleaning, washing, cooking, etc.


Modern manufacturers give a warranty card for their equipment for no more than ten years. But, this does not mean that after ten years your washing machine, kitchen stove, or refrigerator will break. They can work even longer. Their service life will depend on how you use them and whether there will be constant care for household appliances.


Let’s try to describe to you a little how long modern household appliances work, what malfunctions can occur, for what reason, and whether it is possible to do something about them.


Let’s start with the refrigerator. Its average service life is 10 – 15 years. Most often, the fridge fails due to frequent voltage drops in the electrical network. Due to frequent voltage drops, the refrigerator compressor fails. But, you should not buy a new refrigerator immediately if you have not found out how much it will cost you to repair the refrigerator.


How to properly care for the refrigerator:


– to protect the refrigerator from voltage surges, install a voltage regulator;


– be sure to defrost the refrigerator at least once every 6 months, more often, but not less often;


– hot dishes or food should not be put in the refrigerator;


– you need to wash the refrigerator every month;


– if you store drinks or any other liquid in the refrigerator, it should be stored in closed containers.


Washing machines, as a rule, work for about seven years. Most often, the washing machine begins to break down from the formation of scale, which covers especially important components of the washing machine.


Washing machines require the following care:


– descaling the washing machine, this can be the use of water softeners or the use of citric acid to clean the washing machine;


-do not overload the washing machine, wash in it no more than indicated in the instructions;


– try to use fewer programs operating at high temperatures;


– carefully check all pockets before washing so that no foreign objects get into the washing machine;


– after washing, do not close the washing door tightly, leave it open.


The kitchen stove is designed for 15 years of service. The most vulnerable place for kitchen stoves is burners and switches.


The kitchen stove also requires care:


– all burners and cooking surfaces of the appliance must be in perfect cleanliness;


– do not close the oven completely after using it, leave it ajar;


– the dishes you use must correspond to the size of the burner.


Microwaves can last up to seven years, sometimes more. The first thing that suffers in a microwave is the magnetron. Most often, the magnetron breaks due to the use of dishes made of metal, which has a golden border.


Proper care of the microwave oven:


– keep the microwave chamber in perfect order;


– do not install the microwave close to the refrigerator;


– do not cover the ventilation outlets;


– use only damp cloths to clean the touch control panel.


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