How Long Can I Depend On My Refrigerator?

The homeowner that looks at a fridge and then asks the question that appeared in the title of this article really needs to reframe that same inquiry. Here is the question that he or she should be asking: What is this refrigerator’s expected lifetime? There is no one answer.

The correctness of any answer depends on the fridge’s size. If the fridge in question is a compact model, then it cannot be counted on to last for a full 10 years. However, if it has the dimensions of a standard-sized refrigerator, then it will last a minimum of 10 years. It might even function for up to 18 years.

The answer should also reflect the extent to which the replacement for the old ice box has been well-maintained. In other words, the figures given above assume that the fridge’s owner has set aside time for maintaining that particular appliance. Proper maintenance works to prolong a refrigerator’s life. Cleaning stands as the most vital activity within a maintenance routine.

How to clean a refrigerator, so that it stays well-maintained

First of all, such cleaning should not be done sporadically, but, instead, on a regular basis. As parts such as the gaskets get wiped cleaned, those same components should be examined. The person examining them ought to check for places where the gasket might have become torn or perhaps actually separated from the appliance.

Evidence of such wear and tear on the gasket has to be addressed. It indicates that the fridge’s door does not seal tightly, when closed. Fortunately, that same seal can be tested. A bank note can be placed on a gasket as the fridge’s door gets closed. If that same bank note can then be pulled from its location, the seal is not working.

Why should the homeowner set aside time for such a test? Why should the homeowner care about the test’s results? If the bank note can get pulled from the door, once it has been shut, then that means that energy is being wasted. In addition, the fridge’s motor has been strained to an alarming degree. That is why an appliance repair technician in San Diego County needs to look it up.

Other ways to maintain a refrigerator

That appliance needs to get placed in a well-ventilated location. It is best to resist the temptation to put heavy objects on top of that well-ventilated fridge. In addition, the condenser coils ought to remain free of dust and grime.

It may be that your family will move, or that you will redesign your kitchen. In a situation such as that, you may find it necessary to move the refrigerator. If that should be the case then you must keep one other maintenance tip in mind. As you move the appliance around, you will need to make sure that your refrigerator’s base stays on a level surface.

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