How to choose a hob: choose the dimensions, number of burners, and their type

The second criterion when choosing a hob – is dimensions. Many modern models are designed to be built into a standard-sized countertop with a depth of 60 cm. The width of the panel can have different sizes and depends on the number of burners – from 1 to 7. How many burners to choose from? Most often, consumers make a choice towards 4-burner devices with a width of 60 cm. If you need to save space, and cooking does not involve active actions, you can opt for a model with a width of up to 30 cm and 3 burners. Those who need frequent cooking and large volumes of food should think about buying a panel for 5-7 burners. But they will need enough space because the width will be up to 90 cm.

Be sure to consider the type of burners, as this criterion affects the comfort in the cooking process. In gas models, burners with several rows of flames are quite common. This function allows you to achieve fast and uniform heating in a short period of time. This is very convenient when you need to quickly process food at high temperatures. For example, fry meat or grill vegetables. Oval burners are ideal for oblong dishes, such as duck pots. High-power burners and WOK burners are quite popular. They are convenient for cooking food in dishes with thick walls. In induction panels, the burners can automatically adjust to the size of the dishes. When choosing the type of burner should be based on personal preferences in cooking.

What material of the hob to choose

The material of manufacture directly affects the appearance of the hob. Also, this moment is responsible for reliability and durability in operation. The most budget option is enamel. This material requires careful care, as the surface is prone to scratches and chips. Among the main advantages of enamel is the possibility of manufacturing in different colors.

Among the popular models are stainless steel surfaces. The material has established itself as quite reliable and wear-resistant, besides, such surfaces have a low cost. Stainless steel is a quite durable material that is difficult to damage. But, you need to be prepared for the fact that the surface is easily dirty, and it is very difficult to keep it in perfect shiny condition.

The next in demand among consumers is tempered glass appliances. They stand out for their attractive design and harmonious look in the kitchen with any design solution. The material is characterized by rapid heating and cooling, which is very valuable in the cooking process. Only the specified heating area is heated, which makes it safe. The disadvantage of tempered glass is its fragility. Dropping a heavy or sharp object on the panel, there is a high risk of causing severe damage. Even a small impact can leave a chip that will affect the aesthetic appearance or lead to a decrease in performance. It is also worth protecting the hot zone of the panel from cold water. You will also need special dishes with a perfectly flat bottom and a suitable diameter.

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