The first models of microwave ovens were so big that only restaurants could afford them. The first oven weighed about 1.5 tons, was two meters high, and was very expensive. Despite the fact that such devices performed many useful functions, people were still afraid of them, believing that electromagnetic waves have a bad effect on the human body.

Today, the microwave oven has a slightly different look, but the attitude towards it remains different. Some users use it several times a day and do not consider it dangerous, while others leave the room when using the oven. In order to appreciate all the advantages of microwaves, you need to choose the right device.

Before buying such equipment, first of all, you need to decide on the purposes for which such a mechanism is needed. If you plan only to heat food, then even the simplest model with a volume of 9 liters is suitable for this task. This is the most economical microwave oven option, but it is no longer suitable for cooking. It is also worth dealing with the functions that a microwave oven can have.

Let’s look at the most popular modes, which are equipped with many models of ovens.

1. Convection. With this option, there is an even distribution of heat throughout the oven. This is done with the help of a fan built into the device. Thanks to this, you can evenly heat any food, as well as bake chicken or large portions of meat. If you plan to cook a lot in such a device, then this function will be very useful to you.

2. Grilling. The grill in the microwave can be of two types: quartz and tena. The quartz type of grill heats up much faster than the tena type, and it is much easier to clean. The grill can be built either on top of the oven or on the back wall. If you already have an oven with a grill function, then there is no point in overpaying for this mode in the microwave.

3. “Crisp. Some of the modern microwave models are equipped with a special metal plate on which food can be fried at a temperature of 200 degrees. The word “crisp” means “ruddy crust”. But, it is worth noting that this function is definitely not for those who care about their healthy diet. When choosing an oven, be sure to pay attention to its surface.

The coating of such devices can be either stainless or ceramic. The simplest and cheapest models of such devices are simply painted inside “enamel”. Ceramics is much easier to care for than stainless steel.

Is your microwave oven not working correctly?

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