How to choose an induction cooktop

In recent years, induction hobs have become very popular among the population of our country. Thanks to the latest developments of scientists, induction hobs significantly save electricity, and much faster heating of pans. Easy operation is very liked by all kitchen hostesses. However, making the right choice of an induction cooktop is quite difficult. They differ in their characteristics and parameters. Before you buy such a hob, you should first familiarize yourself with its advantages and disadvantages.


Choosing an induction hob


The main qualities that attract housewives have become:


– safety;

– high cost-effectiveness.


However, these positive properties have a strong impact on the cost of the product. Therefore, when choosing a model, it is necessary to know exactly what functions it should perform, and which should be abandoned. Of course, you will have to change all the dishes, because the metal, is attracted by a magnet. Do not think that glass-ceramic cookware will last much less than tempered glass. If such dishes are properly cared for, their service life will be the same. To make the right choice, you need to pay special attention to other parameters.


Information on burners


The classic round burners are gradually disappearing. Manufacturers produce products with burners of other shapes:


– square;

– rhombus;

– hexagon.


Quite often you can find ordinary crosses, marking the central axis. Of course, the speed of cooking delicious food does not depend on the imagination of designers. The size of the burners plays a crucial role. Cookware standing on the burner must cover more than 70% of the area. Otherwise, the stove simply will not be possible to turn on. Usually, the burners are made standard with a diagonal of 5-8 inches. There are models equipped with automatic settings of the heating zone.


Help! If you do not want to give up a gas stove with electric power on, you can use universal combined models. The cooking surface in such products is divided into several parts. One for a gas burner, the other for an electric hob.


Size and design


For a small family, the optimal option would be a stove with two burners. But if the family consists of 3-5 people, the cooking surface should have a completely different area. The heating zone should be much larger. It is very good if the induction hob will have an automatic adjustment of the temperature of the heating plates. Products are available in a variety of colors. Every housewife can easily choose a color that suits the existing interior.


In addition to the classic square shape, stoves are sold in the market:


– rectangular;

– oval;

– futuristic.


The narrowest hobs are considered to be 11.811 inches wide and 2-3 inches thick. Sometimes there are ultra-thin models (1.5 inches), or very thick (33-5 inches). If the product involves 3-4 burners, this value becomes 17.7 inches. With 5-6 burners, the heat zone is in the 23-31 inch range.


Dependent and independent


Induction-dependent cooktops are considered the rarest. This is due to several reasons. First, they can hardly be called practical. If the oven is located under the stove, it is very inconvenient to use such a product. The control panel of these models is made common. If one of the devices stops working, it will be impossible to control the others.


The second, serious reason is the technical limitations. It is forbidden to store metal objects next to the induction panel. The dependent version must have an insulated oven. Its metal casing should not affect the functionality of the hob. All this worsens the appearance of the design and reduces its practicality. As a result, the cost of such a set will become very high and unaffordable for the average buyer. Therefore, manufacturers produce only independent models that do not cause difficulties in operation and maintenance.




Induction hobs, made by the best global companies, guaranteed the long-term operation of household appliances. The most high-quality models are considered European manufacturers. They offer for sale high-quality hobs, of varying cost. However, on the market there are also products of little-known brands with the same quality, but at a lower price. Therefore, before you buy an induction hob, it is worth reading customer reviews on forums.


Important! Regardless of the manufacturer, the most important parameter is the energy efficiency class. The best is considered an A+.



The main advantage of hobs is considered their high efficiency – 90%. That is, if you boil water on the gas, it will take 10 minutes. The same volume on an induction hob will start boiling in 5 minutes. And the heating element will turn off immediately, as soon as the container is removed from the burner.


High efficiency allows you to minimize energy consumption, even if you use a powerful panel. On such stoves, you can quickly cook food, especially if it concerns the economy model.


Possibilities of modes and functions


If you have a lot of children, it is very important that the control panel locks automatically. Thanks to the safety shutoff, the milk will never run away. The timer will work, and the cook does not need to stand at the stove all the time. Special function Power Boost will increase the power of the burner, pulling the missing from the neighboring one. The morning breakfast will be ready in minutes.


When choosing an induction hob, pay attention to the number of functions with which the cooking surface is equipped:


– power setting – 16 levels;

– inductivity – the hob automatically turns on when the cookware is inserted;

– power regulation;

– pause setting;

– indicator showing the residual heat value.

– mode of maintaining the heat mode;

– temperature control.


All of the above modes are built into the program. Their absence perfectly replaces the manual setting of the power. Greater functionality affects the cost of the model. Therefore, before making a choice, think about whether you need such a stove. Or maybe you should buy something cheaper.


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