How To Clean A Greasy Range Hood Filter

Overtime, the range hood filter will become clogged with grease, slowly creating a thick yellowish substance that will no longer block out the odors in your kitchen when turned on. It is important to catch the grease before it reaches that stage if possible.

Some range owners may find themselves cleaning the hoods more often than others. That will depend on just how dirty that hood is. Chemicals used in cleaning these hoods are harsh and there are other options than using them.

In order to keep your range filter clean, opt for a weekly cleaning option instead. You can postpone your cleaning for one month but you don’t want to go much longer than that. Cleaning these filters when they are caked with grease and dust is somewhat difficult to do and may need to simply be replaced instead. To clean the filters, here are a few simple ingredients that you can use already in your home:

• Baking soda
• Degreasing soap
• Boiling water
• Heat proof container.
• Scrub brush

1. Remove the Filter: The first thing you will want to do is remove the filter. This can be done by simply popping out the underpart of the range hood. You will also need to push on the filter in an upward motion and slide it out.

2. Prepare a Place to Clean It: Using your heat proof container, clean the filter by dipping it inside. You want to have the hot boiling water inside the container or pour it over the filter once you place it inside the container. If you don’t have a container large enough, plug up the sink and fill it with hot water and dip the filter inside the sink.

3. Add Soap and Baking Soda: Place a tablespoon of dish soap inside the water. Sprinkle approximately ¼ cup of baking soda also inside the water, creating a bubble solution that will help to remove the grease that is clinging to the filter.

4. Soak the Range Hood Filter: Allow the mixture to soak for anywhere from ten minutes to one hour. Once the water starts to cool, it will no longer work at removing the grease. Scrub the filter gently so you don’t tear the filter and then rinse thoroughly before drying it. Once the filter is clean and dry, the appliance repair expert in San Diego County can then place the filter back on and it should work fine.

When the filter doesn’t seem to be in the same shape as it was when you took it down or if you have cleaned it several times and it has now begun to lose its shape, you can then replace the filter with a new filter that is designed for that specific model.

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