How to clean the washing machine from mold

Dampness and a musty smell are the first signs of mold. If you have suspicions, then start by checking the rubber cuff. The appearance of black stains on the seals will confirm your initial fears. Getting mold out is much more difficult than it may seem. It is extremely important to engage in cleaning in the early stages, that is before the fungus spreads to all the compartments of the machine. If the hose, sealer, and cuvette are already covered with mold, then you will have to replace these parts. Now we will tell you in detail how to clean the washing machine from mold, as well as what means are better to use.


Causes of mold in washing machines


Fungus spores are present in every apartment and house. There are quite a few of them. After a thorough wet cleaning, more than 500 spores per cubic meter remain in the air. People with weak immune systems have health problems because they inhale these spores. They can develop asthma, headaches, pain, and allergies.


Fungus multiplication is accelerated in the presence of optimal conditions:


– high humidity;

– abundant moisture;

– lack of ventilation in the room;

– the room is too hot.


Removing fungus from the walls of the room is much easier than removing mold from the washing machine. You need to use special cleaners to clean the appliances, which will also help avoid premature repair of the washing machine.


Sometimes mold only appears in the machine, and it is not on the walls. It may have occurred due to regular washing with a low-temperature mode. Some users wash in cold water to save money. Proper maintenance is another way to prevent fungus. Use whitening powders and anti-scaling products.


Washing programs with temperatures as low as 60 degrees are an added risk. Warm water doesn’t kill microorganisms. That’s why it’s so important to use powders that contain bleach. Make sure that no rinse aid remains on the drum walls, rubber collar, or powder tray. Slimy plaque is a fertile breeding ground for fungus.


Don’t rush into cleaning, do a thorough diagnostic first. Start with a visual inspection of the drum, and the rubber seal. Black stains appear in the folds of the cuff, and in the remote parts of the powder compartment. Mildew gives off an unpleasant odor. Once you determine the places of contamination, you can move on to the selection of a way to eliminate the problem.


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