How To Deal With A Walking Washing Machine?

What is a walking washing machine? Is it some type of ghost? Does it represent the return of a washer that has been thrown out?
No, it is a machine that shakes and vibrates loudly. After all, who wants to live in a home where the washer shakes while going through its different cycles? Who wants to eat and sleep in a home where the washing machine rattles while cleaning different loads?

Why should a homeowner be concerned about the presence in the home of a walking washer?

Yes, the presence of that noise is an annoyance, but it should be seen as more than that. Those loud noises signal the introduction of unwanted hazards. In addition, the unnecessary movement has extended that length of time for any given wash cycle.Moreover, that same movement increases the home’s energy costs. Furthermore, it can, over time, wear down the working parts of a most useful appliance. In light of all those reasons, it becomes obvious that a washer’s tendency to walk should be viewed as more than a mere annoyance.

What to check before calling a repair technician

Speak with those people that have been using the washer. Have they been asked to handle some extra heavy loads? Have they struggled to balance some of their loads? A good-functioning machine with a balanced load should not make such noises. Could it be that the machine’s top section has become off-balance? The top section is the part that contains the tub. In order to learn whether or not that particular part remains in balance, it becomes necessary to use a level. The level should be placed over the top of the tub, after the lid has been opened.

Is the ground underneath the appliance level?

The metal supports under an appliance are called feet. Whenever a washer’s feet get placed on uneven ground, then that same machine’s feet can move into strange positions. Those peculiar positions can encourage the type of movements that are called walking. By using a level and an assistant, a homeowner can check to see just how level the ground under the washing machine really is.

Why would a homeowner need an assistant, in order to use a level? An assistant is a necessity, because, if the ground appears to be uneven, then the appliance’s feet have to be adjusted. The size of the appliance that has the adjustable feet introduces the need for an assistant. One person holds the washing machine, while another person uses a wrench to move the machine’s feet.

Maybe you know that you are an expert troubleshooter, but you have no one to help you. In that case you have discovered a task that you must pay someone else to do. It has come time for you to contact an appliance repair technician in San Diego County.

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