How To Ensure Low Energy Consumption of The Refrigerator?

There are several appliances found in a household, most turn on and off as needed. The refrigerator is one appliance that never turns off. It kicks on and off as it runs but never completely shuts off. This is why the refrigerator uses the most amount of electricity so it’s very important that the refrigerator you have in your home is energy efficient but if you are not sure, here are some things that you can do to ensure that your refrigerator uses only the minimum amount of electricity needed.

If you want to purchase a new refrigerator, you will want to read the labels before you by to ensure that you know what energy rating each model you are considering is rated. If you cannot decide on the right model or Energy Star ratings, consult an appliance repair service in San Diego County. This will give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for electricity.

How much are you storing in your refrigerator?

While some items, such as diary and meats, need to be refrigerated as soon as you purchase them, others do not need to be refrigerated until after it is opened, giving you more room in the fridge and not causing your fridge to work so hard to keep everything cold. The more you put in the fridge to cool, the more air that has to circulate to lower the temperature, the harder the motor needs to work, causing your appliance to use more electricity.

As a rule, you can allow food and beverages to cool down to room temperature before placing them inside the refrigerator. Don’t place hot cookware and containers directly inside the fridge otherwise; it will heat up all the other items already in the fridge before it has time to cool down itself.

Always be sure that everything you place in the refrigerator has a lid on it in order to reduce condensation, otherwise, the compressor will work more, ultimately using more power. It’s important that you keep your refrigerator cleaned out on a regular basis so this big appliance doesn’t have to work so hard to keep bad food cold. Every three months, or at least twice a year it’s important that you clean the drainage pipe and the condenser coils.

Keep your refrigerator away from the wall a little bit in order to allow the air to circulate in the back and up underneath to the motor. The motor will release heat which can stay put if you don’t have adequate circulation. Look for your vents in the fridge, most are located at the top. Check the temperature of the settings in the fridge to ensure that your food is maintained at a proper temperature. If the temperature is too low, the fridge will work over time to keep foods almost at freezer temperature. If it’s too high, bacteria could grow and spoil the food quickly.

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