How to extend the life of a washing machine

The main question facing any user of a washing machine is how to use it correctly. After all, this device is the main assistant of every housewife. It is extremely difficult to imagine a comfortable life without it. But improper use, hard water, inappropriate washing powder – all this can significantly shorten the life of the washing machine. But there is also good news – these unfavorable factors can be resisted. And if you follow some tips, you can extend the life of your washing machine by at least 10 years. What should be done?


Correct installation


During the washing process, almost all washing machines vibrate. These vibrations become especially noticeable during squeezing. It is these jumps that are the main reason why components fail prematurely. This is relevant for both compact and full-size models.


One of the reasons why the washing machine vibrates is the uneven floor on which it stands. To prevent the negative impact of vibration, choose a flat and hard surface to install the machine. It will not be superfluous to even use a level for these purposes. If you use tiles as a floor covering in your bathroom, then place a thick rubber mat under the machine – it will also dampen vibrations. If desired, instead of a rug, you can use rubber pads under the legs of the product, which are sold in all specialized stores.


Now you know what to do when the washing machine jumps. But an uneven floor is not the only answer to the question of why the washing machine jumps. Sometimes this also happens if the drum of the device is full or not filled enough.


Before washing, check the pockets, fasten the zippers, and unbutton the clothes


Be sure to put the things you will wash in the appropriate order. This will not only preserve their appearance but also protect the drum from unwanted damage.


– Put all those things, the quality of which you are not sure, in special laundry bags. There should also be down jackets, from which feathers can come out, and pile products, including knitted sweaters and terry towels.


– Also put small things in a separate bag, as they can get into the gap between the drum and the tank of the machine.


– If you need to wash products that are contaminated with oily products or solutions, dry them in the air first.


– Be sure to remove all their contents from your pockets. It is not uncommon for smartphones and other small gadgets to get inside the washing machine.


– Zippers and buttons must be fastened, but buttons should be unfastened.


– Turn the pants inside out. Elements of bed linen too.


Do not overload the drum


Before starting to use the washing machine, carefully study the instructions. As a rule, it indicates the amount of laundry that is permissible in different modes. If you underfill or overfill the drum, it will increase the unwanted vibration.


When it comes to the maximum load, it means non-tramped items made of cotton. The fact is that down products and jackets, terry, and woolen things absorb a lot of water, as a result of which they become very heavy. Therefore, one large terry towel, for example, will correspond to a complete set of bed linen. And you should remember this, considering the parameters of your washing machine. After all, there are devices designed for 4 kg and less, and there are those that hold more than 7 kg.


When filling the drum, try to follow this rule – load it to 100 percent when washing linen, half when washing synthetics, and a third when working with wool. And also try to combine large and small things – this will have a positive effect on the operation of the washing machine.


Use detergents correctly


If you want your “washing machine” to last as long as possible, then approach the choice of washing powder responsibly. It is important that it has the “automatic” mark since drugs that reduce foaming are usually added to such a detergent. But hand washing powders usually produce too much foam, which negatively affects the performance of the household appliance.


If we talk about the amount of detergent used, then in this situation more does not mean good. In the instructions for your washing machine, you have the minimum and maximum values of the permissible amount of powder. If you use soft water, then take the smallest dose, if the water is hard, then pour the permissible maximum amount of powder.


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