How To Fix Loose Washing Machine Drum

Some sagging of the washing machine drum is normal. However, if the vibration of the washing machine when spinning is too great and the drum is loose, it vibrates, this is definitely not normal and needs to be solved.

How does a spring washer prevent loosening?
The drum is suspended on springs so that it can move freely in all directions and so that the springs also dampen excessive movement and noise. If one of the springs is loose, a poorly secured drum in the washing machine will rattle when you spin it. Look inside the washing machine to see if the spring has loosened and, if necessary, secure it back into the drum.

How do I know if my washing machine bearings are bad?
If the springs are fine and the drum is suspended correctly, but the drum is still dangling and making noise, the likely cause is a worn bearing. This is because the bearings provide the drum rotation and are therefore subjected to the highest loads due to the high centrifugal speeds. Therefore, they wear out faster than other parts of the machine. Replacement of the washing machine bearing, though, is a more complicated task and requires expert repair.

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