How To Keep The Wine Cooler Working Properly?

Everybody needs a great bottle of wine sometimes. Whether it’s for girls-night-in or that dinner party you have been planning for months, nothing puts a damper on the festivities more than pulling the cork on a vintage wine and having it gone bad because of a malfunction in the cooler. What people may not know though is that these things don’t always happen because technical malfunctions in the cooler. The outside environment that your wine cooler is subjected to has a big impact on the internal environment of the wine cooler. There are some things to keep in mind when you own a wine cooler.

First off, it is important to store your wine cooler away from direct sunlight. (Lighting is another important part of owning a cooler.) Even half an hour of direct sunlight can affect the temperature of your wine cooler. Basically, you need to store it in a cool, minimally light room so that the cooler is the only thing controlling the temperature. You don’t want it to have to run harder because of outside heat as this will throw off the delicate balance needed to store your wine perfectly. Set it somewhere that the unit will be balanced. If you throw off the balance the littlest bit this in turn could affect the mercury. Mercury plays a part in the temperature regulation.

Temperature is another important part of owning a wine cooler. Your unit should be between 40 and 60 degrees at all time. The temperature should be dictated by the type of wine you are storing so be sure to know the details of keeping the brands that you love. Knowing the year and the type of wine you are storing will help you better regulate the temperature.

Next, be mindful of changes in humidity. Heat can cause the cooler to be too humid and an improperly sealed cooler can cause the inside environment to not be humid enough. Check your seals and hinges to ensure that everything is closing properly and that the unit is properly sealed. If you do find that it is too dry in the cooler a small tray of water set inside can help to increase the humidity. This ensures that the temperature is balanced and that the corks aren’t drying out.

Keep in mind the for key components of owning a wine cooler and you will have no problem serving excellent wines for both personal and business events. Keep the temperature as level as you do the unit itself. Be mindful of the lighting and where you are storing the cooler. Most of all pay close attention to the humidity within the cooler. This can make or break a beautiful bottle of wine. Thus, if you think that there is any issue that you are encountering with the wine cooler; calling in an appliance repair expert will be helpful.

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