How to know when your refrigerator needs more refrigerant

If the equipment isn’t suitable for keeping food cold, it indicates that more Freon is needed. Let’s figure out exactly when the moment comes that the refrigerator needs to be refilled with more Freon.


To check if the refrigerator is low on freon, conduct the following steps:


Turn off the refrigerator and ice maker by setting the temperature control to the “Off” position, and unplugging the unit from the outlet.


Hold your ear to the refrigerator and listen: you should hear a faint hiss or gurgle. Freon will hiss and gurgle through the refrigerator’s capillary tubes as the system pressure equalizes. If you don’t hear hissing and gurgling, you may have a low Freon level.


Locate the refrigerator condenser and put your hand on it to feel the heat. If the condenser is cold, you may be missing freon. The problem could also be a faulty condenser or a clogged system.


Remove the cover from the evaporator, which is in the freezer compartment next to the fan. Reconnect the refrigerator to the power supply, and return the temperature regulator to the desired values. Wait for the refrigerator to run for a few minutes with the door closed. Check the evaporator for frost. No frosting indicates no freon or a clogged system.


Refilling Freon

An insufficient freon supply indicates a leak in the system, which must be repaired by a technician before adding more freon. Freon is a dangerous gas and inhaling it can cause breathing difficulties, burns, brain damage, or even death.


Do not charge freon yourself. If you suspect a leak, contact a professional. Given the complexity and certain dangers of this procedure, it is not advisable to do it without proper training.


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