How To Maintain Performance of Microwave Oven

As long as it remains in good condition, a microwave oven should keep working for a span of 5 to 10 years. That fact calls attention to the extent to which proper maintenance helps to increase the length of the appliance’s lifespan. So, what steps should a family take, in order to enjoy prolonged access to a well-maintained microwave oven?

Tasks that should be performed on a daily basis

Keep the turntable and the walls clean by using soap and warm water or a special cleaner. Loosen any grime by using the steam from a cup of water, one that has been exposed to the oven’s microwaves.

Cover dishes with a paper towel or wax paper, before exposing their contents to the oven’s powerful waves. That keeps food particles from flying out of the container and hitting the walls of the turntable.

Note temperature of dish or cup that has held some food or beverage, one that seems more appealing, once it has been warmed up. If container is far hotter than its contents, that hot container should not be used again, whenever someone intends to warm an item in the countertop appliance (microwave oven).

Actions to avoid

Avoid using anything that is not microwave safe. Do not use a foil or metal container. Do not use a plate with gold or silver etching, or with other accent marks. Do not put some item that could become a snack on a plate with such etching or such accent marks, because someone might decide to microwave that snack.

Do not slam the appliance’s door. Try to use your hand when opening and closing the door. You will have trouble controlling the force of an elbow, or some other body part.

Do not open the door without first turning off the appliance. Do not think that the appliance is off just because its clock has stopped counting down the seconds until the heating time has elapsed. The appliance will be off after it has sent a series of signals, which announces the termination of the appliance’s most recent operation.

Do not start the microwave running when it has nothing in it. That causes the appliance’s components to absorb the energy in the microwaves. The manufacturer has not formed such components from materials that can withstand exposure to an unprotected onslaught of microwaves. Consequently, the parts’ ability to function properly gets diminished. Still if there is any issues with the appliance, you need to call in the appliance repair expert in San Diego County.

An investment that can help prolong the oven’s lifetime

A surge protector works to keep the appliance safe at the time of a power surge. Know the situations that can trigger a power surge: Lightning storms, collapse of power lines or grid switching. Have the microwave protected in such situations.

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